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Hello, my name is Andrew Turner, and I’ve helped hundreds of students get IELTS scores right up to band 9.0.

IELTS is a high stakes test that has had a significant impact on the life opportunities of my students and candidates globally. Many are now living and working abroad.

I became involved in IELTS when asked to design a language course at a Singaporean University. This course quickly became the most successful across the university’s 33 campuses worldwide. Our students went on to enter fulfilling careers around the globe.

Whilst the majority of my students are non-native speakers, I help native speakers of English too. Many Brits find the Writing especially tricky and often lose marks for punctuation and essay structure. Problems they can overcome with a little help.

I now bring my experience to exam candidates online. I stay up-to-date with the latest developments in IELTS through my work and academic research. This gives my students the edge in an increasingly competitive world.

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