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An online free IELTS class to help establish your current level of English and gain key insights into how best you can improve your IELTS band score

A free IELTS demo lesson is a chance to meet your teacher and to discuss your situation. The teacher will then design a syllabus tailor-made to your needs. 

With years of experience as an IELTS tutor, English With An Expert’s own Andy Turner offers free discovery and demonstration lessons to aspiring students of the IELTS test. 

Whether it’s a case of needing to brush up on one element of the IELTS exam, such as Vocabulary, or that you need a more rounded plan to put in place. This IELTS free online class is designed to really find out where you’re going wrong, and follow-up with tailored lesson packages designed to not only help you improve. But to pass the IELTS exam with ease!

Why Having A Free IELTS Demo Class Is Important

You may think that going straight to an online lesson plan is the best idea, especially if you’ve been disappointed with failing the IELTS exam multiple times before! 

And whilst it may well be the case that your level of English proficiency will require you to take multiple online IELTS lessons in order to improve, as your tutors, we cannot be certain of that fact. Therefore, an IELTS demo lesson gives us the chance to really assess your ability and offer the best advice on what your next steps as a student should be.

You should essentially think of our free IELTS lesson as a student-teacher consultation. In the same way that a doctor would first talk about symptoms with you before prescribing any treatment, our expert IELTS tutor will be able to have this discussion in regard to your IELTS progress and then prescribe the best solution to helping you pass.

What To Expect From Our Free IELTS Lesson

Our IELTS demo classes are structured in a way that works as an IELTS fact find. We’ll have discussions on your most recent IELTS Band Score (if you’ve taken the test previously but failed), what you are hoping to do once you have passed the exam (e.g. why you are looking to emigrate), and many more important factors. From an educational perspective, we’ll try to assess which areas of the IELTS test you are most struggling with. This means we need to look at your competency in the 4 key areas of the exam itself. 

See our video course for an in-depth analysis of how you should approach the General Writing Task 1, and analysis of the biggest mistakes candidates make.


IELTS Writing, IELTS Reading, IELTS Speaking and IELTS Listening Once our tutors have in mind which areas are most in need of improvement, we will be able to advise on which kinds of support are going to be most beneficial. This could be as straightforward as recommending a tailored online IELTS lesson plan that suits your individual needs, or it could be that we need to look at specific elements of support. For example, IELTS Writing corrections can be beneficial for learners who are not efficient enough at spotting their own mistakes when performing writing tasks.

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