IELTS and OET News: April 2021

May 12, 2021 | Australia, IELTS, IELTS News, IELTS Test

As some parts of the world edge closer to full vaccination, opportunities to work or study in several English speaking countries are on the rise. So if you’ve been thinking about emigrating, now looks to be a good time to start preparing. 

Watch out for scammers, IELTS warns Canadian test candidates

IELTS is asking test candidates in Canada to be alert for anybody who might be offering fraudulent tests, amid reports that scams are on the rise. If you’re concerned, the organisation encourages you to contact your local test centre directly at

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Australia’s borders to remain closed, Government says – but UK’s are reopening

The outlook for those looking to migrate to Australia remains, unfortunately, less than rosy. According to Finance Minister Simon Birmingham, the status quo is likely to continue for at least another year. 

In the UK, however, travel from a select number of countries – without quarantine on arrival – will be allowed from 17 May. Among them are Singapore, Portugal, Israel and New Zealand; more countries will be added to the ‘green list’ based on Covid-19 risks in due course. 

Australian trade body leading calls to allow engineers to enter the country

Australian politicians are currently trying to balance a second, competing priority with the need to keep Covid-19 out of the country: the need to recruit vital, highly skilled workers from overseas. Engineers Australia, a trade body, is raising concerns that there simply aren’t enough trained engineers in the country to meet skills shortages. 

Pressure will likely build on the Australian Government to waive the border rules for these and other essential workers as the country’s vaccine rollout progresses. 

Canada announces new routes to immigration for temporary residents

The Canadian Government has launched six new pathways to permanent residency for temporary workers and students who already live in the country, with a total of 90,000 places available. Designed to plug skills gaps similar to those seen in Australia, the new scheme is open for health care workers, essential non-health care workers and international graduates – with separate caps for English and French speakers. 

UK & India agree new partnership to boost work opportunities for Indian nationals

Young professionals from Britain and India can now live and work in each others’ countries for up to two years, under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement signed in early May. The agreement, which comes as the UK seeks to build stronger ties with India in the wake of its split with the EU, is separate to the Graduate Route launching in July, and is the first of its kind for citizens who would otherwise require visit visas. 

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Australia and New Zealand off the cards for international students this year

According to senior government figures in both countries, the return of international students to Australia and New Zealand in 2021 looks unlikely. Although students from overseas are essential to the economies of both Australia and New Zealand, the risks of importing new variants of Covid-19 is deemed too high. 

More international students looking to UK amid vaccine rollout success

A new survey of over 105,000 prospective students shows the UK, meanwhile, is rapidly increasing in popularity as an international study destination. 47% said the country has become a more attractive study proposition following the vaccine rollout, suggesting competition for international university places in the UK may soon increase.