IELTS and OET News: August 2021

Aug 12, 2021 | Australia, IELTS, IELTS News, IELTS Test, OET

If you’re looking to work or study in Australia or Canada, the news this month is looking particularly positive for you. Both countries are in urgent need of English speakers to fill certain job roles, and both countries are changing rules to make more visas available. Passing an English language test will, of course, be mandatory. 


11,000 organisations globally now accept IELTS test results 

Demonstrating the sheer number of opportunities an IELTS certification can unlock for test-takers, the test partners have this month announced that 11,000 organisations now recognise the test for international travel, migration and study.

OET test for healthcare professionals now accepted in Canada 

Those in the medical field looking to work in Canada have a new way to demonstrate their English language proficiency. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia now accepts the OET test designed for 12 professions in the medical field. 

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Australia opens more new routes to residency as skills shortage intensifies

The Australian Government has now made new Global Talent Visas available for English speaking migrants with skills in short supply – including occupations as varied as carpenters, chief executives, composers and chefs. Even while around 19,000 existing holders of the visas are waiting overseas to reenter the country, the Government is now issuing thousands more of them. A new parliamentary report, meanwhile, suggests even this isn’t enough – meaning there could be more opportunities to move to Australia in future. 

Canada broadens eligibility for permanent residence

In an effort to reignite the soaring population growth Canada had seen before the pandemic, the Government has made it much easier to apply for a residence permit. As well as a significant reduction in the total number of points required for a visa offer – meaning there are fewer overall requirements on education and skills, among other things – there is also now a path to permanent residence for temporary migrants already in the country. 

New Zealand opposition party calls for introduction of ‘covid contribution’ visa  

Skilled migrants who had entered New Zealand before the beginning of the pandemic may be allowed to stay for good, if plans put forward by the National Party are implemented. The ‘covid contribution’ visa would be designed to clear the current backlog of residency applications.

UK government to announce new visa for skilled refugees fleeing war 

The UK Home Office will soon launch a new, five-year visa for English speakers who can secure a job with a minimum salary of £25,600. The scheme will initially be available for 100 migrants and their families living in Syria, Gaza and Iraq.

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Highly skilled international students in Australia could soon be offered permanent residence 

According to a parliamentary committee on migration, students from overseas in Australian universities should be allowed to stay for life if they can fill job roles that are difficult to find candidates for. Those who achieve academic excellence and meet English language standards would also be looked upon favourably under the new approach.

International admissions to Canadian universities set to rebound

The number of enrolments for international students to Canadian universities has begun to rise again after falling steeply during the pandemic. In some universities, as many as two thirds more students from overseas will be welcomed this year. 

US renews its focus on attracting students from overseas

The United States is keen to attract more international students in the coming years, announcing a ‘renewed commitment’ to promote the country as a study destination. The Government is particularly keen to address skills shortage in technology-based fields, boosting the country’s competitiveness on the world stage – meaning more opportunities for English speaking students with the right skills.