IELTS and OET News: July 2021

Jul 11, 2021 | Australia, IELTS, IELTS News, IELTS Test

This month there’s a clear continuation of a trend seen across the globe: English-speaking economies need more people. Companies in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US are all struggling to fill job roles. That means opportunity for those with the right skills – and, of course, proficiency in English.


IELTS tests in India to be administered by Australia’s IDP

The British Council will no longer deliver IELTS tests in India after selling its Indian business to IDP, an Australian provider of international education services. While the provider of the tests is changing, test takers can expect the testing process itself to remain the same.  

International IELTS Job News

International Employment News 

Australia to continue skilled migration programme for 2021-22 

The Australian government has announced there will be no changes to its skilled migration programme, with the same number of visas available this year as last year. Of a total 160,000 visas on offer, around half are designated for those with in-demand skills (and English language proficiency), and half are for those who already have family in Australia. 

Businesses in New Zealand and UK call for relaxation of migration rules

The NZ government has successfully prevented Covid-19 waves from reaching their shores by keeping borders almost entirely closed – but businesses dependent on low-skilled workers from overseas are warning they can’t survive much longer without rule changes. The public dialogue around immigration, the labour market and Covid-19 in New Zealand echoes that of Australia (see last month’s news round-up). 

In the UK, meanwhile, the CBI (the organisation which represents the interests of large businesses in lawmaking) is asking the British government to relax the rules on hiring migrant workers from the EU, which were brought in after Brexit. Industries reliant on workers from abroad – and currently facing skills shortages – include haulage, hospitality and food and drink. 

US needs more English-speaking migrants with tech skills, research finds 

Like New Zealand and the UK, the US also doesn’t have enough people they need to fill certain roles. Bipartisan immigration research group New American Economy has found the US relies on migrants to fill computer-related roles; 25% of such jobs are held by those from overseas. 

IELTS International Study

International Study News 

International students at South Australia universities soon to return

If you’re studying or aiming to study in South Australia, it’s the news you’ve been waiting for: a pilot scheme to reopen the country’s borders for international students in that state has been approved. Arrivals from abroad will be required to undergo quarantine in a government-managed facility. If all goes well, it’s likely the system will be rolled out across Australia’s other five states. 

Canada to relax quarantine rules for international students & some other travellers 

International students who have received two doses of a Canadian-approved Covid-19 vaccine no longer have to quarantine upon arrival to the country, in the latest in a steady relaxation of covid-19 restrictions around much of the English speaking world. If you’ve only had one, though, you will unfortunately still need to pay for and complete 14 days of hotel isolation.

New path to UK employment for international graduates from UK universities

The British government has this month opened applications for the new Graduate Route visa, a new scheme to allow international graduates to stay in the UK and find work after completing their studies. The visa is unsponsored, meaning a job offer in advance isn’t required to obtain the visa, and applicants have up to two years to find employment. 

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