IELTS News: November 2019

Nov 9, 2019 | Australia, IELTS, IELTS News, IELTS Test

November is here, how are your life goals progressing?

Read on to see November’s IELTS news and how it might impact your future.

Global English Proficiency Test Market: IELTS Number One In The 2019-2024 Forecast 

The latest Global English Proficiency Test Market report has awarded first place in the almost 1.5 billion dollar industry to IELTS. 

The world of English proficiency tests has experienced significant growth in recent years due to an increasing number of international students entering foreign universities. Migrations to English speaking countries is also on the rise. 

IELTS is accepted for more purposes and by more institutions worldwide – hence its first-place position.

Changes To The IELTS Test Are On The Way

As might be expected in a competitive billion-dollar industry, the IELTS partners are not resting on their laurels. 

Cambridge Assessment, who produce the IELTS test on behalf of the British Council and IDP, is currently advertising for a Head of IELTS Product Development and a Senior Operations Manager, IELTS Modernisation.

The job descriptions say that those taking on the roles should identify breakthrough innovations’. They are also expected to contribute to ‘the use of new systems’. 

We have previously reported on studies that have recommended changes to the test – including taking the IELTS Speaking test online. 

International IELTS Job News

Ireland Trains More Doctors Than Anyone Else But Is Also A Top Recruiter

The Irish Times reports that only Israel and New Zealand are more dependent on foreign-trained doctors than Ireland.

What is surprising about this figure is that Ireland trains more medical professionals per head of population than any other country.

Irish doctors earn 2.8 times the average industrial wage, and consultants 3.5 times. So if you are a doctor and are looking for work in a Western country – Ireland could be the place for you.

IELTS International Study

International Education

Study And Work In Australia

Are you looking to work in Australia?

A new study has shown that those who work whilst they study are much more likely to find employment after they graduate than those who don’t.

International English Proficiency Scores

The Netherlands has taken first place in the English Proficiency Index, beating Sweden into second place.

While most of Asia saw slight drops in English proficiency, China moved from a low to a medium level. 

The researchers also found a connection between high scores on the index and higher income and productivity levels. 

Bahrain, the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, the Maldives, Nepal, Paraguay, and Sudan were included in the index for the first time this year.

Men also seem to be closing the gap on women. In Latin America men scored higher than women for the first time.

The study also established a connection between advanced English and access to technology and the internet.

Best Source of Information for Emigration

study has shown that most prospective emigrants are sourcing their information from Facebook and YouTube when considering emigrating to Australia and New Zealand.

However, there is a difference between those two countries when it comes to other social media sources.

Those travelling to New Zealand are more likely to use LinkedIn, internet forums and then Instagram. Those travelling to Australia prefer the exact reverse of those sources. 

The difference is thought to be a result of the older demographics of those moving to New Zealand.

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