IELTS News: September 2019

Sep 10, 2019 | IELTS, IELTS News, IELTS Test

In the UK, September means Autumn and the start of the academic year. It also brings a new edition of IELTS News Tracker!

The IELTS test is under constant review. Below we update you on the most important research findings over the last month and new opportunities in the fields of work and education. 

Latest IELTS Study

A recent study funded by the IELTS partners and conducted by three independent researchers found that IELTS test candidates were generally happy with the test. 

The researchers gave a questionnaire to 750 candidates. They then followed up by interviewing 27 of the respondents in more detail.

While most candidates were happy, they found that candidates lacked information about the format of the test and the type of questions used. Candidates were also unaware of the marking criteria used to assign band scores. As a result, they were not reaching their true potential. 

The report recommended that test candidates would benefit if they were able to get guidance on their weaknesses along with a personalised and realistic schedule for improvement.

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Test Repetition

Another area of weakness identified by the study was a lack of awareness about the differences between everyday and academic levels of English. This was a particular problem when it came to the Writing tasks.

A lack of preparedness in these areas meant that test takers were repeating their tests without any significant improvement. Taking lessons improved their chances of progressing faster down their desired life pathway. 

The researchers wrote: “There is strong evidence to suggest that test-takers who develop appropriate test-taking strategies, whether in a formal course or by other means, achieve better results than those who do not.” 

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Self Study

A significant proportion of those interviewed mentioned finding reading news media useful. They said they benefited from the vocabulary, grammar, and reading speed practice. 

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International IELTS Job News

And The Best Place In The World To Work Is…

Daily Infographic compared working in London with Paris this month. They also asked 203,756 people what city they would like to work in if they moved abroad. In both cases, London came top.

UK Wages and Employment

Over the last quarter, UK wages have continued to grow at a robust pace and employment continues to remain at a record high

Brexit And The UK Economy

The British economy continues to defy Brexit doomsayers growing faster than expected in July.

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International Education

There is also good news for international students studying in the UK.

Students will now be offered a 2-year UK visa after graduating – even if they don’t have a job.

The changes will come into force next year and will make it easier for overseas students to develop a career in the UK.

Further Reading

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