IELTS & OET News: April 2022

Apr 16, 2022 | IELTS Test

As seems to have been the case throughout the last two years, April brings news of some doors closing to English-speaking workers and students – and others standing wide open for you. Canada, in particular, looks to be full of opportunities both to work and to study – so if you’re planning to make a move, that might be the right destination for you. 

Don’t forget, though: you’ll need to achieve your IELTS qualification first. 


IELTS Online is Coming to a Screen Near You Soon

As announced, a new official Academic version of the IELTS test will soon be released to replace the pandemic era Indicator test

New details of the test are now emerging.

First of all, the test is now advertised as being available ‘during 2022’ — previously, it was billed for release in ‘early’ 2022. This could perhaps indicate that some bugs are still being ironed out before the official release.

It has also been announced that the test will work on both Windows and Mac operating systems— which is good news considering the past focus on Windows. 

Unlike OET, the IELTS partners are trading their own remote proctors to manage the test platform — which should discourage the kind of cheating similar tests have seen in the past.

All in all, this is very good news for test-takers — especially those who are still experiencing lockdowns in their home country.

International Migration News by Andrew Turner

Where Can IELTS Take You?


Rule change for overseas students in Australia makes changing courses more difficult

The Australian government has announced that students in the country on a Subclass 500 (student) visa will only be allowed to switch to a different university course with the approval of the Minister for Home Affairs. Approval will only be granted if it is deemed to be in the public interest, suggesting such a scenario is unlikely. More details here.


British Columbia welcomes 100,000 migrant workers – with 1M job openings to fill 

Net migration to B.C, Canada, reached its highest level for 60 years in 2021, reflecting the volume of opportunities for skilled, English speaking migrants amidst a wider shift of positive attitudes towards migration across the country. 

Like other major, English speaking economies, Canada is currently experiencing labour shortages in a large number of professions and is relying on workers from overseas to bridge the gap. Around 400,000 more migrants also moved to other Canadian territories over the same period.

400,000+ international students enrolled in Canadian universities in 2021

Canada also issued one of its highest-ever numbers of international study permits last year, new figures reveal. The news suggests that those currently choosing between English-speaking countries in which to apply for university may find they have the strongest chance of securing a place in Canada.

New Zealand

Reducing reliance on workers from overseas

New Zealand is increasingly concerned about the country’s “over-reliance” on workers arriving from overseas to fill important job roles, the government has said – but New Zealand plans to make changes to labour market policies at home rather than simply allowing more immigration. This is likely to mean that skilled, English speaking migrants looking to move to New Zealand may have only a brief window of opportunity before rule changes come into force.

United Kingdom

Turing scheme opens for UK-bound international students for second year 

The UK government has this month opened the Turing scheme – which replaces the ERASMUS exchange programme for EU students – for its second year. The scheme will provide opportunities for thousands of English speaking students from overseas to spend a year in the UK.


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