IELTS & OET News: January 2022

Jan 17, 2022 | IELTS Test

Happy new year! And if you’re looking to work in Australia or study in the UK, the chances are that it will be. Both countries are in serious need of English speaking migrants from abroad at the moment. Now’s the time, then, to secure the highest IELTS grade you can.

Here’s what else has been happening.

IELTS news

Competition for certification heating up in India

The number of test-takers in India has risen by 15% since the beginning of the pandemic, a news website in the country reports. More test takers is likely to mean more people in India achieving high grades – and thus, more competition for English speaking jobs and university places. Developing the skills and the knowledge to score highly will, therefore, be essential.

International IELTS Job News

International Employment News

Australian borders open to skilled migrant workers – but New Zealand remains closed

Two years of ‘fortress Australia’ are over as the country has, after long delays, reopened its borders to English speaking migrants from overseas. Around 90% of Australians are now vaccinated against Covid-19 with two or more doses, reducing the likelihood of future pandemic health crises. In New Zealand, however, the emergence of the Omicron variant has delayed a similar reopening planned for 17 January 2022 – with no date currently set for the postponement.

Australian experts highlight growing gap between country’s migration policy and labour market needs

The debate on how many migrant workers Australia needs has been heating up over the last year. Commentators agree that many sectors of the country’s economy are dependent on workers from overseas – yet some migrants are still waiting for years for visas to be processed. The situation highlights how the road to permanent residency in Australia isn’t always straightforward even for those who are clearly eligible.

UK government’s expert migration advisors recommend new paths to residency for care workers

The UK’s Migration Advisory Committee, a panel of experts who advise the government on changes to immigration policy, say English-speaking social care workers should be given more preferential treatment when applying for visas. The probability of the government acting on the recommendation is high, given the UK is currently facing an acute shortage of workers in the care sector.

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Australian borders open to overseas students – but New Zealand remains closed

As noted above, Australian borders have reopened after two years of being effectively closed – and this means students can enter too! Omnicron continues to be a concern in New Zealand – but there is a general feeling that borders will and must open soon.

UK universities need more overseas students, new figures suggest

Research published this week shows universities in the UK saw a record number of deferrals – whereby the student delays enrolment until a later time – from international students in 2021. The news means that institutions are facing a major fiscal shortfall this year, given that international students in the UK typically pay significantly higher fees than students resident in the country – and so those from abroad who do wish to enrol may find themselves with less competition for university places.