IELTS & OET News: March 2022

Mar 13, 2022 | IELTS Test

This month there’s another mixed bag of news for those looking to move to the English speaking world. Australia needs more migrants – lots more – and New Zealand is still largely closed to the world. One thing is clear, though: competition for jobs and university places is high, so achieving the highest possible IELTS grade should be a priority for this year.


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South Australia adds 259 new types of job to it’s Skilled Occupation List for offshore applicants

More skilled English speakers will now be able to apply for residency in the state of South Australia from overseas, as the state government adds a large number of job roles to its list of skills in high demand – demand which local talent in South Australia cannot meet. The state government has also added new occupations to its Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA) list, with a focus on hospitality and tourism, motor trades, agribusiness, manufacturing, and forestry occupations.

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Australian tech leader adds to calls to relax migration rules for skilled English speakers

In a continuation of the pro-migration narrative we’ve been seeing in Australia in recent months, the Tech Council of Australia’s CEO has added to voices calling for higher numbers of skilled migrants to the country in order to plug skills gaps. Tech is only the latest of Australia’s industries experiencing a lack of candidates to fill job roles, though the comparatively high economic value added by the sector may mean policymakers are more open to taking their concerns on board.


International students choosing Canada over US, US students choosing UK

In a sign of changing attitudes among international students around the world, universities in Canada, the UK and the USA are all seeing shifting demographic trends. Overall, overseas applications in the US have fallen during Covid-19 while rising in Canada, particularly among Indian students. In the UK, applications from the EU have fallen sharply – thanks to Brexit – but have been offset by a rise in applications from the USA.

New Zealand

NZ government confirms first 5,000 students able to re-enter country from abroad

The first cohort of international students able to enter New Zealand from April, following more than two years of strict border closures, has been confirmed. Schools and English language schools have an allocation of 1,000 students each, while 1,450 of those studying at universities will be granted entry at the border. The institutions themselves will take the decision on which of their own students will be allowed to return first.

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Non-EU nationals are replacing EU nationals in UK jobs, data shows

British companies are hiring enough migrants from outside the EU to offset the large-scale exodus of EU citizens as a result of Brexit, new data shows. Construction, transport & storage and health & care are among the industries seeing the largest influx of English speaking, non-EU migrants, showing employers in the UK are increasingly open to hiring those who aren’t applying from Europe.