IELTS & OET News: May 2020

May 7, 2020 | IELTS, IELTS News, IELTS Test, OET

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The world of online testing is starting to recover after months of coronavirus lockdowns!

IELTS has already introduced a new online version of its test and OET seems set to announce some exciting news soon. 

While the coronavirus may have dampened your hopes for the future in recent months – new ways forward are emerging. For the determined, turbulent times offer new opportunities.

 The Latest IELTS News

Testing is starting to return to some countries after grinding to a virtual standstill. 

Currently, 23 countries are running the test – you can see a full and up-to-date list here.

Wearing Masks

Test takers are now allowed to wear a mask when taking the test. This new policy extends to the Speaking test. However, you may be requested to remove it temporarily for security checks. 

Post-COVID Plans

The IELTS partners have brainstormed several solutions to try and recover from the recent slump in test-taking. 

The British Council and IDP plan to double testing capacity in some countries – including China. 

In addition, computer-delivered IELTS will increase in frequency in affected areas to up to three times a day, seven days a week.

Plans are in place to ensure greater and more flexible access to Speaking examiners.

International IELTS Job News

International Employment Opportunities


If you are a medical professional looking to work abroad – OET might have the answer.

In recent weeks the GMC has advised test candidates that they will be accepting a new online version of the OET test.

The test is not yet available, and it is not yet clear how OET can guarantee that test candidates have not cheated. 

Nevertheless, the GMC seems confident that they can offer work to those who take this version of the test in exactly the same way as if you had taken the paper test.

IELTS International Study 

IELTS Indicator

The IELTS partners have released a new fully-online version of the test. It is called IELTS Indicator and opened for bookings on April 22nd. 

The test takes place every Wednesday, and you take it in the comfort of your own home. The Speaking test takes place on different days during the week and is conducted by a certified IELTS examiner. You will receive the results within seven days.

The test is available in the Academic version only since its primary purpose is to give universities an indication of the score you are likely to receive under secure conditions in an IELTS testing centre.

Not all universities accept it, so it is best to check with your targeted institution in advance.

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