IELTS & OET News: November 2021

Nov 14, 2021 | Australia, IELTS, IELTS News, IELTS Test

This month, it’s all about what’s happening down under – and it’s good news for English speaking migrants! The country is steadily returning to normality – and migrants can expect a warmer welcome than ever before.

Here’s what’s been happening. 


There has been an increased number of adverts offering fake IELTS certificates recently.

Whilst this may seem tempting – using one will result in rejection and being reported to the authorities in the country you are trying to move to. 

Universities and employers have access to an IELTS Online Verification Service, which allows them to check whether your results are in the official database. 

If approached by a scammer, you can report it to

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Australian borders soon to reopen for skilled migrants and students

For those English speaking migrants who have been waiting to enter Australia for almost two years now, the wait may soon be over. ‘Stage Two’ of the country’s plan to return to normality will soon, the government says, allow international migrants and students to cross the border, amidst growing skills shortages in a wide range of sectors. In New South Wales & Victoria, fully vaccinated travellers will no longer need quarantine in a hotel on arrival. 

Skilled migrant workers in Australia now able to apply for visa without leaving the country

Some skilled, English speaking migrants who are already in Australia can now apply for subclass 190, 491 or 494 skilled migration visa – even if they are affected by section 48 of the Migration Act – following a relaxation of immigration rules. The change means that migrants who had a visa cancelled or refused, but were unable to leave the country because of Covid restrictions, can now reapply from within Australia. 

You can find more information on this here.

Pandemic reshapes Australian perceptions of immigration 

The number of Australians who feel there is ‘too much immigration’ has almost halved since 2018, from 64% to 37%. A dearth of migrants since Covid-19 closed the country’s borders left many businesses unable to fill job roles; the shortage appears to have shifted many citizens’ perceptions of the value of immigration. For those considering a move to Australia in the future, there may well be positive change on the horizon.

New Zealand-bound migrants may need to retake IELTS test 

IDP, the agency which conducts the IELTS test, has announced that the New Zealand government has chosen not to extend the certification’s two-year validity. The change means that those who have been waiting to enter the country may, unfortunately, need to retake the test.

UK launches new visa for high-skilled migrants 

Migration for students who can pass the IELTS and have a job offer with a salary of £33,000 or higher may now be eligible for a fast-track route to UK residency. The ‘scale-up visa’ is designed for fast-growing business and is separate to the Global Talent visa announced earlier this year.

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Australia no longer destination of choice for thousands of international students  

International applications for Australian universities have fallen sharply since the beginning of the pandemic, as prolonged border closures have left students from China, India and other countries looking elsewhere. The shift in attitudes may mean lower competition for international university places in 2022.

New Zealand universities hopeful for return of international students next year 

Students waiting to take up their place at a Kiwi university will likely be able to enter the country in 2022, according to Universities New Zealand, a body that represents the institutions. Research suggests most international students already enrolled, but unable to enter the country, have continued their studies from abroad. 

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