IELTS & OET News Tracker: March 2024

Mar 12, 2024 | IELTS Test

Welcome to our March news tracker, updating you on all of the latest IELTS and immigration news and developments since we last left you in February!

IELTS in the News

The Latest IELTS News

The IELTS partners have announced a remarkable milestone of over 4 million IELTS tests taken worldwide last year.

This achievement is not just a number but a testament to IELTS’s role in connecting people to educational, professional, and migration opportunities across the globe. 

As the only English language test accepted by all four major immigration authorities (Canada’s IRCC, Australia’s DOHA, Immigration New Zealand, UK Visas & Immigration), IELTS’s universal acceptance is clear. The test’s results are trusted by over 12,000 institutions worldwide, including leading academic and professional entities, highlighting its critical role in the global educational and professional landscape​​.

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International Migration News

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Here’s the latest migration developments for New Zealand and Canada!

Canada Announces International Student Cap

There has been a recent announcement from The Canadian federal government that there will be a cap on the amount of study permits for international students.

The IRCC hopes that introducing the cap will more evenly distribute international students across Canada.

However, master’s and doctorate programs won’t be affected by the cap, with both federal and provincial governments expected to persist in identifying graduates from these levels as “ideal” candidates for immigration.

Starting from 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time on January 22, it is mandatory for the majority of new international students at the college or undergraduate level to include a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) from a province or territory in their study permit applications. Without a PAL, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will reject the application, except for those who are exempt.

The PAL confirms that the student’s enrolment is within the limits set by a provincial or territorial quota under the national cap. Provinces and territories are encouraged to have mechanisms in place for issuing PALs by March 31, 2024.

International students who submitted their applications to IRCC before 8:30 a.m. on January 22, or those who have already been approved for a study permit and plan to travel to Canada for their studies, are not affected by this new requirement and do not need to undertake any additional steps in light of the cap’s enforcement.

With the introduction of the cap on the amount of study permits for international students, achieving a good score in the IELTS test can set you apart from other students applying to study in Canada. With help from an IELTS tutor, you will be able to achieve a great score in the IELTS exam and help your chances of studying abroad.

New Zealand Introduces Updated Wage Threshold For The Skilled Migrant Visa Category

Immigration New Zealand has increased the pay limits to match the median hourly wage, for those who are in the skilled Migrant Category, Green List Straight to Resident and Work to Residence visas, and Parent Category resident class visas. These new changes will take effect from February 28th 2024.

Wage thresholds represent the minimum salary rates that Immigration New Zealand (INZ) uses to determine eligibility for certain visas. They are the minimum earnings required for visa approval, except for positions that are exempt. This can measure the job’s skill level, and these thresholds are adjusted to reflect the inflation changes.

When national minimum wage increases on April 1st 2024, the threshold for all Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) workers will increase as well.

However, the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) doesn’t apply for the increase, which will remain at NZD$29.66 an hour.

This increase in the wage threshold is a great opportunity for skilled migrants immigrating to New Zealand. Why not improve your chances of working abroad by achieving a good score in the IELTS exam? With the help from an expert IELTS tutor, you can excel in the IELTS test and open up new opportunities for working abroad.

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