IELTS & OET News Tracker: October 2022

Oct 12, 2022 | IELTS Test

With the UK summer well and truly behind us, we are bringing you the latest IELTS News from the past 30 days,  along with news affecting immigration in countries that require IELTS for professionals and students.

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The Latest IELTS News

Since the September IELTS News Tracker there have been some positive changes in different parts of the world relating to IELTS. From a new test centre in Malaysia to a new IELTS English Centre opening in Canada.

New British Council Online IELTS Test Centre Opens In Malaysia

With demand for online IELTS tests rising by almost 80% in Malaysia since July this year, The British Council has now launched a new IELTS on Computer (IoC) centre to meet this demand. 

The new centre has been fitted with high quality audio equipment that attendees of the official launch were able to try out – practising the Listening section of the IELTS test for free. Alongside this, it has also been announced that British Council Kuala Lumpur will provide free access to the ‘Road to IELTS’ online self-study resources at the new centre. 

Jazreel Goh, Director of British Council Malaysia, has stated that by opening the new IoC test centre they will be providing candidates in Malaysia with “modern facilities and state-of-the-art audio equipment that will help test takers take the test with confidence and in comfort”.

New CES School In Vancouver To Increase IELTS Support In Canada

The Centre of English Studies (CES), which offers IELTS preparation courses at their schools around the world, has now opened a new school in Vancouver.

It comes 4 years after their first Canada based centre opened in Toronto in 2018. Canada now becomes only the 2nd country in the world to have multiple CES centres, after the United Kingdom. 

Other similar providers have also been expanding their centres in Canada this year, with Bayswater Education opening in Vancouver last month, and Global Village Victoria launching a new school in Calgary earlier in the year.

CES revealed that their main motivation for building on the success of their Toronto school was that they had seen clear demand for a location in Vancouver. They hope that by being able to deliver a dependable and constant standard of quality at multiple locations in Canada, they can improve the effectiveness of their support to IELTS test takers.

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International Migration News by Andrew Turner

Important Migration News

In nations like the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, immigration policies alter on a monthly basis—sometimes significantly, sometimes a little. It is crucial for IELTS exam applicants to stay current with all of them.

UK: NHS England Increases Funding For Overseas Nurses By More Than Double

For the first quarter of 2023, NHS England has announced it will increase the funding it offers regional trusts for the recruitment of overseas nurses to £7,000 (previously £3,000). 

It’s been no secret that the NHS has struggled with staffing shortages in the last decade, and this move is seen as a way of helping introduce skilled medical professionals from around the world to relieve the pressure.

However, in order for this additional funding to be claimed by trusts, they must show proof that their overseas recruits have passed the IELTS test. 

If you would like to work for NHS England and need help with the IELTS test – let us know!

Canada Takes Steps To Help Doctors Achieve Permanent Residence

Staying with healthcare, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, has announced that doctors working and living in the country under temporary residence will be given express entry pathways to becoming permanent Canadian citizens.  

Because many doctors are currently classified by the Canadian Government as ‘self-employed’, they do not always qualify for express permanent status. However, as Canada’s population is increasing at its highest rate since the 1950s, so too are the pressures on its healthcare system. By taking these steps, the government is hoping to encourage more qualified doctors to migrate to the country and support their healthcare system.

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