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IELTS Coaching Sessions & IELTS Classes

Many IELTS students can often find themselves wrestling with revision schedules and going around in circles to desperately try and improve that all-important IELTS score in time for them to emigrate.

There really can be a lot of pressure to pass the exam in time to meet certain professional and family commitments, so having the right support in place to really maximise your study of the English Language is vital.

Our Tutors here at English with an Expert mentor IELTS to hundreds of students each year and through providing their powerful insights, our structured IELTS courses have helped many to emigrate into high level professional roles in English speaking countries around the world.

How Our Online One to One IELTS Coaching Works

Our approach to IELTS coaching is incredibly student-focused, and we ensure that every lesson schedule is tailored to an individual’s needs.

The online IELTS lessons delivered by our tutors use state of the art apps that allow our students to have access to recordings of lessons for their own revision purposes. Students can even control the tutor’s computer during the lesson.

The number of IELTS classes you’ll need to attend depends on the level you enter our coaching program at. We offer lesson packages ranging from 3 to 12 lessons in order to help improve your English skills to the band score you need in your IELTS exam.

Personalised IELTS Lessons

Our online IELTS tutoring takes a very personal approach. We want to understand each student, their needs and where we can help them.

Given our one-to-one approach to IELTS lessons, we feel it’s important to keep things as personalised as possible.

“The IELTS lessons helped me to improve from a score of 5.5 to a 7 in just 11 teaching sessions. The most amazing part of the course was that my tutor pin-pointed my weakness areas, helped me to work on them and improved my English skills immensely quickly. I would not be where I currently am without the help of English With An Expert. – Yomna Nada, Belgium

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Our Linguistic Hit List

At the end of every lesson, we provide you with a ‘hit list’ that details your most common mistakes and areas for improvement that our IELTS tutor has noted during your one to one lesson.

This helps to identify the areas that will give your IELTS score the biggest boost.

Mock IELTS Writing General Task 1 Model Answer - Moving House (informal) by Andrew Turner @ EnglishWithAnExpert.com

Full One to One IELTS Lesson Recordings

The key to success in any exam is no secret; revision has and always will be the number one way to prepare. Every single one of your sessions with our IELTS tutor are recorded and made available – so you can re-watch and listen again and again.

Full Annotated IELTS Lesson Notes – A key benefit of one-to-one IELTS coaching is that it allows for our tutors to make in-depth and relevant notes on where your best chances for growth will be. We can then upload these notes for you to reflect on and learn from, helping you understand the true benefits of our IELTS lessons.

What Makes Our One to One Online IELTS Coaching Stand Out?

Unique One to One Teaching Techniques


Using our years of expertise in mentoring students in the English Language, we have devised a number of advantageous techniques.

All of our lessons use our very own Contextual Double Correction © technique. Something which we’re very proud of, we have spent years perfecting this and it has helped many of our students make rapid fire progress in their preparation for their IELTS exam.

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Our Foundations Are Built On The Highest Level Of Experience


Our lead tutor, Andy Turner, has over 20 years experience in teaching the English Language to students aspiring to improve their IELTS exam score.

His knowledge of establishing successful IELTS courses includes developing an IELTS syllabus for a global university that has campuses in over 30 countries around the world. Their course was so good that it was accepted in place of IELTS by the Australian government.

This experience has shown Andy that the key to improving someone’s IELTS score is to first identify their areas of weakness. Why are they failing? And then use significant and tested techniques that will address these root causes and allow them to prosper in their IELTS learning.

The Next Steps On Your Journey To IELTS Success


20-minute IELTS Consultation

Our next step will be for you to book a call with our online IELTS tutor, who will be able to discuss your current IELTS score, what score you need to achieve and where your strengths and weaknesses may be.

One to One IELTS Lesson Packages

Then there will be the opportunity for you to choose your lesson package. We will advise you on the number of lessons we think you will need to begin with in pursuit of your IELTS score. However, ultimately the final decision is yours to make.

Tailored IELTS Success Strategy

Our accepted students are then helped by having our IELTS tutor devise a clear and definitive plan and roadmap for how lessons will be tailored to them and which elements of English will be focused on to improve their overall score.