Struggling With IELTS Writing?

Taken the IELTS Writing test multiple times, but keep getting the same score? We feel your frustration!

We have guided hundreds of students like yourself to a successful score. Many of them had taken the test multiple times.

Consistent scoring might seem like a scam, but the method of scoring works to your advantage. All examiners follow marking criteria and understanding them will help you succeed.

We will guide you through the IELTS descriptors, and show you exactly where you go wrong, and what you should do.

Many websites and self-published courses contain questions you will never see in the actual IELTS test.

Here’s what happens when you purchase Writing Corrections with us…

You Will Receive A Package Of Genuine Writing Questions

Practising with non-genuine material will slow your progress. A poorly written Task 1 may contain far too many details and appear in glorious technicolour. Not like the actual test at all!

We will send you genuine questions and a PDF copy of the actual exam answer paper too!

Write The Essay In Your Own Time

Free yourself from the limitations of a teacher’s schedule or poor internet connection. You can write your essay at a time that suits you and upload your file when you have a good connection.

We recommend that you write under exam conditions and with a pencil, before typing and uploading your essay to our site.

You Will Receive Corrections With Explanations

We don’t just give you a guideline score. We also provide detailed notes about some of the errors you made and tell you how to improve.

Many exam candidates fail to achieve their score because of two or three repeated errors. If you are one of those people, you will soon know, and know what to do!

Not Just Corrections – Improvements Too!

Many schools stop here, but we go a step further!

When we can see a way to improve your cohesion or vocabulary – we will offer suggestions.

Detailed Advice Within 48 hours

We will return your essay within 48 hours. Then you can apply the advice to your next essay and keep reaching for your goal.

Possible To Take lessons

If you feel that you can speed up your progress with some online lessons, you can book those too!

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Or You Could Try The Lottery Again and Again

Your numbers won’t come up if you keep taking the test. If you can’t get your score – you need to find out why. Using our service will save you both time and money.

The Writing Correction Package will help you identify your mistakes and what you should do!

You will stop wondering why you can’t get the score you need and know what you must do. You can approach the test with renewed confidence and get on with the rest of your life.

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