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Who Our IELTS Writing Correction Service Can Help

We have guided hundreds of students like yourself to a successful score with our IELTS Writing corrections service.

Whether you are a student, an engineer, or a doctor – our IELTS correction service will help you get the score you need!

We have even helped native English speakers who had an A-level in English and a degree.

Whatever your situation – we can help!

IELTS Writing Correction Packages

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IELTS Writing Correction and Descriptors

Why Our IELTS Writing Task Corrections Service Stands Out

We employ native speakers with teaching qualifications and real IELTS exam experience.

They know the descriptors like the back of their hand. They will tell you why you have failed to get your target score in the IELTS exam – and what you need to do!

What You Will Get From Our IELTS Corrections Service

Here’s what happens when you purchase IELTS Writing Corrections with us…

1. We Send You A Package Of Genuine IELTS Writing Questions

Many websites and self-published courses contain practice IELTS questions that you will never see in the actual IELTS test.

Practising with non-genuine material will slow down your progress. A Task 1 written by a non-expert may contain far too many details and appear in glorious technicolour. Not like the actual test at all!

We will send you genuine questions and a PDF copy of the actual exam writing paper too!

“I was totally desperate about my writing skills when I met Andy at first time. Thanks for all his passion and effort, I finally got a remarkable result in IELTS. I used to get only 5.5 to 6.5. I finally achieve my target score, even higher score. 8.0 in writing!!! And overall 8.0!”Kim, South Korea

2. Write The Essay In Your Own Time

Free yourself from the limitations of a teacher’s schedule or poor internet connection. You can write your essay at a time that suits you.

We recommend that you write under exam conditions and with a pencil. This will help prepare you for the real IELTS exam itself and gives our tutors the clearest picture on where you’re going wrong.

Mock IELTS Writing General Task 1 Model Answer - Moving House (informal) by Andrew Turner @ EnglishWithAnExpert.com

3. Type your essay on a computer and send to us

We will get to work on correcting your essay, as well as suggesting improvements.

Sending us a typed version of your essay allows us to add more notes than you would receive with handwriting alone.

4. We Send Corrections With Explanations

Together with a score, we also provide detailed notes about some of the errors you made and tell you how to improve your IELTS writing skills.

Many exam candidates fail to achieve their IELTS score because of two or three repeated errors. You will soon know what kind of mistakes you make, and what to do to correct them!

Not Just Corrections – Improvements Too!
Many schools stop here, but we go a step further!

When we can see a way to improve your cohesion or vocabulary – we will offer suggestions.

Detailed Advice Within 48 hours
We will return your essay within 48 hours. Then you can apply the advice to your next task and keep reaching for your goal.

5. You Can Also Take IELTS Writing lessons!

Writing corrections can set you on the right path – but you can also book online IELTS lessons to speed up your progress and get the score you need much quicker.

Or You Could Try The IELTS Lottery Again & Again!

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