Model IELTS General Task 1: Litter in a Public Park (Formal)

Apr 18, 2021 | IELTS, IELTS Test, IELTS Writing

It might seem very easy, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong with General Writing Task 1.  One thing many students miss is the plural in a bullet point. If you are asked to describe problems – then you should describe at least two.

The model answer below should give you a better idea of what is required. The answer is likely to score band 8.5-9.0 on test day. It follows this general structure…

1st Paragraph – answering the first bullet point
2nd Paragraph – answering the second bullet point
3rd Paragraph – answering the third bullet point
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The Question

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Write at least 150 words.

You recently visited a public park. During your walk, you noticed a lot of litter on the ground.

Write a letter to the local council. In your letter

  • give details of your visit to the park
  • describe the problems that the litter is causing
  • say what you think the local council should do

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam…

IELTS General Writing Task 1 Model Essay: Litter in a Park by Andrew Turner @
Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to draw your attention to the appalling state in which I have found Bramhill Park in recent weeks. Over four separate occasions in October, the recreational areas have been blanketed with litter: bottles and cans, cigarette ends, crisp packets, fast food containers and other detritus.

This is unacceptable. Leaving aside the obvious point that my children should be able to enjoy a local green space free from waste, the litter is creating a serious environmental issue; as it degrades, chemicals and microparticles are polluting the soil and the air.

I request that you take immediate action to resolve this matter, beginning by launching an urgent and comprehensive clean-up operation. Welham Council should also step up its community policing initiatives, ensuring a more visible presence in order to deter those who are spoiling the beautiful park we all share.

Kindly respond with an anticipated timeframe for these actions.

John Prescott