Moving Your Money Abroad: The Most Effective Way 

Apr 7, 2021 | Australia, IELTS, IELTS Test

Episode 4 – How To Get The Best Deal When Moving Your Money Abroad

This is the series where we introduce you to experts who can help you achieve your goal to emigrate abroad.

In this episode, we talk with Michael Hart, a leading specialist in currency exchange and international payments working for Halo International.

In this episode, I ask Michael to share his advice, suggestions and stories on:

The challenges facing migrants today 

  • the impact of Brexit
  • the effects of the pandemic
  • closed borders 
  • signs of hope ahead

How to overcome the challenges

  • avoiding traditional exchange services
  • the best way to move your life assets
  • making the best use of your time to get the best transfer rates

How Halo Financial Works

  • where Halo is based 
  • how to contact them
  • who can use their services 
  • how the pandemic has improved their services 
  • the Halo customer journey
  • how to exchange money before you have it 
  • the best time to contact them 
  • the benefits of plugging into their network
  • the benefits of planning ahead 

Special Tools Halo Uses

  • forward contracts
  • stop orders: booking into a future exchange rate
  • stop losses: avoiding worsening exchange rates
  • their currency exchange update (which their competitors also subscribe to!) 

Questions and Answers  

  • there are no fees for most of their transactions
  • they are fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority 
  • your money is protected in segregated UK bank accounts
  • how they protect your money from scammers
  • their transactions are reviewed by humans, not algorithms
  • how you can contact them (see below!) 

Contacting Halo Financial

You can contact Halo Financial here

 If you would like to contact Michael directly his email is

Talks with an Expert on hosted by Andrew Turner with Michael Hart of Halo Financial

About Michael Hart

In the past, Michael has served the rich and famous with Champagne and Canapes – including Diego Maradona, the Queen and the band ‘Madness’.

For the past 11 years, Michael has worked at Halo Financial. He manages a number of relationships within the migration industry and has established strong personal relationships with migration agents/lawyers, international shippers, international banks and IFA’s.

You can contact Michael at

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Talks with an Expert on hosted by Andrew Turner