OET & IELTS News: May 2022

May 12, 2022 | IELTS Test

This month, there’s lots of positive news for test-takers – migrant workers and students alike. Both Australia and New Zealand are in urgent need of English-speaking professionals to fill a wide range of skilled job vacancies. The UK, meanwhile, is looking to attract more students from top universities around the world. It’s looking very much like a return to normality.


Record revenues for IELTS education as international demand soars 

IDP, who with the British Council deliver the IELTS test around the world,  saw record revenues in the 6 months to December 2021, with almost a million migrant workers and international students assessed, the organisation announced this month. 

The strong financial results show that interest in relocating to an Anglophone country is on the rise – reflecting the importance of achieving an optimal IELTS score. 

International Migration News by Andrew Turner @englishwithan.expert.com

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Migrant doctors raise concerns about lengthy immigration processes amidst labour shortage 

Australian red tape is significantly delaying the essential compatibility assessments, medical registration and visa approval migrant doctors need to practise in the country, healthcare experts have warned. The checks can take around 12 months, creating difficulties for those waiting to make a move to Australia. 

In response, regulatory bodies did not confirm any changes to processes but did say that more places for healthcare professionals on the skilled migrant visa programme will be available next year. 

Pharmacists now eligible for priority immigration

The Australian government has added trained pharmacists to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL). This means the country does not currently have enough pharmacists to fill the number of jobs available, so English speaking professionals are likely to be eligible to relocate to the country for work. 

Large influx of migrants expected in Victoria state this year 

The state government in Victoria expects population growth to return to pre-pandemic levels as border policies return to normal, reports suggest. The state anticipates its population to grow by 1.2% in 2022-23 and by 1.7% the following year, suggesting new opportunities to migrate for work or study – but potentially, increased competition too. 

Australian universities see substantial drop in international enrolments

The Border closures which forced most overseas students to study remotely as a result of Covid-19 have made a lasting impact, depriving institutions of crucial revenues as students look elsewhere, reports suggest. Given that tuition fees for international students are typically 2-3 times higher than those for domestic students, those looking to make a move down under may find they now have stronger chances of securing a place than before the pandemic. 

New Zealand

Kiwi government ends Covid immigration restrictions two months early & offers 

fast-track for skilled migrants 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will reopen the country’s borders on 31 July – ahead of schedule – and has announced a new ‘Green List’ of 85 job roles in technology, engineering and healthcare, among others, for which the country is experiencing a shortage of candidates. International students will also be able to reenter the country earlier than expected, though unskilled migrants or those without an IELTS qualification will remain ineligible. 


UK to launch new 2-3 year working visa for top graduates 

English-speaking graduates from the world’s top universities will be able to work, start a business or volunteer in the UK without sponsorship from an employer, under a new route to residency launching on 30 May. The High Potential Individual visa will allow stays of up to two years for those with a Bachelors or Masters degree, and three years for those with a PhD. 

The news comes alongside statistics showing a 25% rise in overall migration to the UK from outside the EU in 2021, showing the country remains an attractive destination for both skilled migrant workers and international students. 

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