Practice IELTS Speaking Questions: Sport

Jun 26, 2022 | IELTS, IELTS Speaking, IELTS Test, IELTS Vocabulary

Sport appears regularly in both Speaking and Writing. 

Read the following speaking-style questions, paying close attention to words you don’t know and the words in bold. There are definitions for the words in bold at the end of the page.

Before you read the conversation, you might like to download this free PDF quiz and have a go at completing the blanks.

IELTS Speaking Part 1-style questions

Examiner: Do you like sports?

Candidate: I’m an avid sports fan! Watching live games on the weekend is one of my favourite pastimes. It’s one that’s best shared with friends in a social environment like a pub.

Examiner: What’s your favourite sport?

Candidate: I’ve got into Formula 1 recently. It’s a high-octane sport with lots of action; the moments of suspense can be pretty exhilarating. And it’s more of a team sport than lots of people realise: the mechanics, the engineers, the technicians and all kinds of other people play a part in the win.

Examiner: Did you play sports as a child?

Candidate: Despite my parents’ best efforts, I couldn’t often be persuaded to participate in much sport. I wasn’t very good so it all seemed a bit futile to me. I used to dread the school sports day! 

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a sport you would like to try in the future 

You should say:  

  • what it is
  • where you will do it
  • how difficult you think it will be

And explain why you would like to try it.

IELTS Speaking Model Answer - Sports by Andrew Turner @


In the future, I want to try out some ice hockey. It’s a contact sport, played on ice. There are two teams who have to score goals with a puck using hockey sticks. It’s most commonly played in colder countries, particularly North America. I’ll take some lessons at the local ice rink first to ease myself in. I’d like to try it to see how it sharpens my skills and improves my reaction times – and it’s always good to get some skating practice! It might be tricky at first, because I haven’t donned my skates for a couple of years – but I’m sure I’ll get back into it after half an hour or so. Practice makes perfect after all! 

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Practice Questions

Examiner: What type of sports are popular in your country? [identify]

Candidate: The UK is a nation of football fans or, as the Americans call it, soccer. To a lesser extent, rugby is pretty popular too. And lots of people follow tennis, particularly during major tournaments like Wimbledon. 

Examiner: What benefits do international sporting events bring? [Evaluate]

Candidate: International sporting events bring whole countries together behind one banner. They’re a time when everyone unites behind the national team: bringing national pride to the forefront of society. This is because the highs and lows of the event are experienced by almost everyone, bringing them closer together. And on the off-chance we win, they’re a great excuse for celebrations!

Examiner: Do you think the types of sport that are popular will change in the future? [Predict]

Candidate: Sports such as football are firmly ingrained in the cultural consciousness of many areas such as Europe and South America and so will likely remain popular. With that being said, there is clearly room for other sports to become popular – for example, basketball is reaching new heights of popularity in Europe.

Definitions for IELTS Sports Vocabulary

Part 1

Avid — keen/ enthusiastic 

pastimes — hobbies, something someone does in their spare time

social environment — friendly atmosphere, a place to be social

high-octane — energetic/ powerful

exhilarating — exciting

mechanics — people who work with machinery – usually vehicles 

technicians — an expert who looks after technical equipment. Can also refer to a laboratory assistant

persuaded — to be convinced of something

participate — to join in with something

futile — pointless. Means something is impossible

dread — extremely scared or fearful

Part 2

contact sport — a sport where physical altercation is part of the game e.g. rugby or American football

puck — A thin black disc of rubber used in hockey

ease myself in — to carefully/ gently start something

reaction times — reflexes/ how long it takes to react/ muscle speed

donned — to put on/ to wear

practice makes perfect — phrase meaning that to become good at something, you must do it often

Part 3

To a lesser extent — slightly/ less than something else mentioned either before or after 

tournaments — a competition, typically referring to some form of sport 

behind one banner — A common colloquialism meaning to all be fighting for/supporting the same thing

forefront — the absolute front/ most important thing

off-chance — something unlikely 

ingrained — deeply a part of something/ carved into something

cultural consciousness — the general mood/ values of a culture

With that being said — a connecting phrase between a statement and another following statement that will contradict/go against the previous one

room for other— space/ chances for other things

reaching new heights — progressing/ making new, bigger achievements

Practice Your IELTS Sports Vocabulary 

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