Scholar’s Progress: Tips From A German Student Who Now Lives In Canada

Jan 11, 2020 | IELTS, IELTS Test

In our second episode, we visit Toronto, Canada – the new home of Sebastian from Germany.

Find out how why Sebastian chose Canada and is also able to emigrate to Australia.  

In this episode we ask Sebastian:

  • How he got 8.5 in Speaking – and boosted his overall score by a band
  • Why his feet are so wet
  • Why he chose Canada
  • Whether it is living up to his expectations
  • About his biggest challenge with IELTS
  • About his Canada culture shock
  • Why he was unable to cross the road when he first arrived
  • The cultural difference between white men and green men
  • What Canadians do for leisure
  • The difference between Canadian and German ice cream 
  • About his favourite dessert in Canada
  • What Canadians are like
  • If Canada is immigrant-friendly
  • How you can follow in his footsteps 
  • How to stay motivated 
  • His tips for the Computer-delivered IELTS test 

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