School’s Out: IELTS and OET Teaching Stories From December 2023

Dec 30, 2023 | IELTS Coaching, IELTS News, IELTS Test

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on a year filled with unique teaching experiences and student successes in IELTS. 

Each month brought its own set of challenges and triumphs, from adapting to changing test formats and conditions to celebrating the remarkable achievements of our diverse student body. We embraced innovative teaching methods, navigated the intricacies of online exams, and saw many of our students reach new heights in their language learning journeys. 

This year also saw us expand our online presence, offering more resources and support than ever before. Join us as we look back at the highlights, lessons learned, and memorable moments from 2023 in our IELTS teaching stories.

What we’ve done -

The Year in Review

January 2023:

The year began energetically, with students from diverse countries engaging in IELTS preparation. The website featured a full series of content, including model letters and essays about online shopping, and the IELTS book recommendations were updated for 2023. 

A student spotlight highlighted Frédérique, who achieved a Band 8.0 score, fulfilling her dream of working as a dentist in Australia.

For more details, please visit the January 2023 post.

February 2023:

February was a busy month with international holidays and term breaks. The team traveled as digital nomads across several countries, from Canada to Mongolia. The student spotlight featured Sean from Taiwan, who achieved a Band 8.0 in IELTS.

For more information, please visit our February 2023 post.

March 2023:

In March, our long-awaited IELTS book, co-written with Mike Rotheray, was finally published on Amazon. The book includes tips, model essays, and templates, aimed at helping test candidates overcome common errors and myths. The website continued to offer a full series of blog posts, including a semi-formal Task 1 letter and a Task 2 model essay. This month’s student spotlight shone on Sabrina from Taiwan, who achieved an overall 7.5 in her first IELTS attempt. The team taught students from various locations worldwide, including Kolkata, Taipei, and London.

For more details, please visit the March 2023 post.

April 2023:

IELTS Writing Task2 - It's Not Rocket Science - Number 1 New Release on Amazon ©

April was a notable month with the IELTS book “It’s Not Rocket Science: IELTS Writing Task 2” achieving the #1 New Release status in Amazon’s English as a foreign language category. Plans for more books and online courses were set in motion. The website featured model essays, migration news, and special pages with tips for improving IELTS Reading Band scores. Students from various locations, including New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong, were taught. The student spotlight highlighted Yomna from Belgium, who successfully improved her IELTS writing score from 5.5 to 7 with our help.

For more details, please visit the April 2023 post.

May 2023:

May was a particularly busy month, with record numbers of students taking IELTS tests and seeking help. This month we started to plan for the introduction of group lessons due to the high demand. The student spotlight featured Sebastian from Germany, who achieved a band 8.5 in Speaking. Teaching continued with students from various countries, in particular from English-speaking regions.

For more details, please visit the May 2023 post.

June 2023:

June saw intense interest in the IELTS test as many sought to emigrate for study or work. The teaching approach focused on unlearning hindrances to progress. Students came from diverse locations like Toronto, Kiev, and Hong Kong. The spotlight was on Sebastian G. from Germany, an engineer who improved his IELTS score significantly with the help of Andy Turner.

For more details, please visit the June 2023 post.

July 2023:

The team continued their efforts in supporting students during the academic break. We met in-person Adly, a long-term student who is pursuing a PhD in the UK.

Adly ©

The website featured regular blog posts, including a Task 1 model letter by Adly. The student spotlight for July was on Andre, who achieved his desired IELTS grade for immigration to Canada with our assistance. The students taught during this month hailed from diverse locations, including Toronto, London, Kyiv, Rome, and Moscow.

For more details, please visit the July 2023 post.

August 2023:

August’s focus was on the global popularity of the IELTS test, with the team virtually traveling around the world to meet the demand. Despite the hectic schedule, there was a brief break for a team holiday in Wales.

Screenshot 2023 08 31 at 19.31.11

The website was updated with an Academic Task 1 map question and a model Speaking answer about social media. Students from various countries including Canada, England, Ukraine, Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan were taught. The spotlight was on Anna from Ukraine, highlighting the life-changing impact of achieving a desired IELTS band score.

For more details, please visit the August 2023 post.

September 2023:

The team provided virtual assistance globally, from North America to Asia and Africa, and reported the upcoming purchase of new office space. The website featured the usual series of blogs, with more articles in the works. Students from various places, including London and Mumbai, were taught. The spotlight was on Yomna from Egypt, who improved her IELTS writing from 5.5 to 7 with Andy’s guidance.

For more details, please visit the September 2023 post.

October 2023:

October was another busy month with exciting developments. The team successfully launched a new website design, aiming for easier navigation and better access to IELTS content. There was also a focus on providing specialized pages, including one on IELTS scores needed for different purposes in various countries. The student base continued to be global, with learners from diverse locations like London, Taipei, and Berlin. The student spotlight featured Bushra, who achieved a band 7.5 in her first IELTS attempt with only 10 lessons.

For more details, please visit the October 2023 post.

November 2023:

In November, the team was primarily desk-bound due to a busy month for IELTS test candidates. We did enjoy Guy Fawkes Night celebrations and visited Leeds where our new office is being built.

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 18.53.29

The website continued to publish model essays, speaking tests, and an IELTS News Tracker. Students hailed from various global locations including London, Scotland, Taipei, and Berlin. The spotlight was on Petrilla from the Middle East.

For more details, please visit the November 2023 post.

Where Our Students Come From

The students taught throughout the year came from a diverse range of locations globally, including Belgium, China, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Iraq, Italy, Mongolia, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, Ukraine, the USA, and the UK.

For a detailed list of all the locations where students came from, you can refer to the individual monthly posts on the English With An Expert website.

Student Spotlight 

To close the year we are going to focus on the success of Manzar

Manzar; Success Story; ©, 2023

My IELTS journey to inspire

Hello everyone,

I want to share my journey with all the aspiring IELTS students, to encourage them and help them to sail through the frustrating period of attempting IELTS Test and not getting the desired score.

I attempted IELTS GT twice before approaching Andy. I consistently scored 7 in writing. Writing was the pain-point in my case, as it is for most of the students.

Andy’s approach of conducting sessions is quite unique and easy to follow through during and after the session.

Step-by-step dissection of your written essay and correcting it live. At the beginning you are introduced with the mistakes of your essay with general examples end following that we have to correct the essay with Andy’s guide and help.

This way we can release and locate our own mistakes.

Overall the sessions are very useful, working on your writing skills with Andy not only improves writing skill but also helps in reading and listening skills.

Andy ensures the sessions are very productive and not robotic.

He is also flexible in re-scheduling and session rates based on the number of session bought


I would like to share my IELTS score

L: 9

R: 9

W: 7.5

S: 8.5



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