School’s Out: IELTS and OET Teaching Stories From October 2021

Oct 30, 2021 | IELTS, IELTS Coaching, IELTS News, IELTS Test

Borders are opening and we’ve been busy unlocking doors for our students!

IELTS Newsletter: Where We've Been

Where We’ve Been

As usual, we have had a very busy and active month on behalf of test-takers! 

The UKVI IELTS test is now available online

Part of our time has been reacting to the news that you will soon be able to take the full and official IELTS test online from the comfort of your own home! (We are not talking about Indicator — this is the full official UKVI test that can be used for emigrating, study or work purposes.) 

This is one of the biggest changes to happen to IELTS for years and will make the test available to even more people. It will also bring the test experience even closer to the way we teach. There are implications for test-takers — and those have already been fully incorporated into our syllabus.

Our New IELTS book will be pre-released soon!

Another exciting development was a meeting with our publisher for the upcoming release of our new IELTS Writing Task 2 book. 

We will announce the ability to purchase the book prior to release soon!

New Partnership with Halo Financial

Have you heard of Halo Financial? They specialise in foreign exchange and help you to achieve far better exchange rates than those available through banks or on the high street. We have recently partnered with them to bring special benefits to our customers. 

We know that many of you are anxious to move quickly and that IELTS is the only thing standing in your way. Our partnership with Halo means that you can now get the best exchange rates on your life savings (or even small one-off transactions) before you move or have the money available.

Halo use their assets to make this possible by purchasing the currency you need before you are ready to pay. This means you can secure today’s exchange rates — or the best exchange rate over the next year — before you sell your home or are ready to move your assets.

Contact us for more information, or scan this IQ code… 

Website News

Despite having full teaching schedules in addition to the news above, we have published even more pages to help you succeed. 

Our IELTS News tracker led with the news of the new IELTS online test that allows examinations from home from next year. It also reports on migration movement and opening borders in Australia and New Zealand.

This month, we had a sports focus with a model answer for a Task 1 table about the percentage of UK residents interested in certain sports and model answers for the Speaking test on the same topic. 

Our Spotlight Vocabulary series curates articles with high-level vocabulary and ideas for the kind of topics you might come across in IELTS. This month includes the topics of seasons and festivals, languages, gadgets, hobbies, space, globalisation and inequality, social media, food, animals and more! 

Where Our Students Come From

This month we had students from the following countries…

Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; New Taipei, TaiwanHong Kong; Seoul, South KoreaSingapore; Doha, Qatar; Cairo, Egypt; London, UK; Gibraltar; Madrid, Spain; Vancouver, Canada

IELTS Newsletter: Who We've Met

Student Spotlight

This month’s spotlight falls on André. André had tried a few teachers without success before deciding to give the test one last go. Here is what he said…

Andy helped me achieve my desired grade for immigration

After trying IELTS a few times and failing to achieve my desired grade, I looked for yet another teacher for help. I took a shot at online classes, and Andy helped me a lot. After the first class, I knew that he would know how to help me improve. I needed that band 7.0 writing for Canada`s express entry and got it.

Andre A.

Is Andre’s dream your dream? Would you like to achieve his level of success in 2022? We can help!

Take a look at our coaching options and get in touch! 

When Can You Book An IELTS Lesson?

Our lessons are currently taking place from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm London time. 

Our online booking system allows you to choose a time that fits your schedule. You can reschedule a lesson up to 6 hours before its scheduled start time — giving you maximum flexibility.

Please don’t contact us a few days before your test — we may first need to help you unlearn bad techniques you have learnt before teaching you the correct approach you should be using.

If you would like to have a free 20-minute discussion about how we can help, contact us via our contact form or our free demo lesson page.

That’s all for October!

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