School’s Out: IELTS Teaching Stories From 2022

Dec 30, 2022 | IELTS, IELTS Coaching, IELTS Test

At the end of last year, we predicted that 2022 would see difficult financial times for many and that has certainly proved to be true! 

But times of crisis also open up opportunities and we have seen many of our students succeed in winning large scholarships, gaining new jobs and emigrating abroad. 

Their success did not come easily and in at least one case had been some nine years in the making!

Now is the time to start planning your success for 2023 and beyond!

IELTS Newsletter: What We've Done

Where We’ve Been

In January, we added a new section to our website available to paying students only! All our lesson notes and even a video recording of each lesson is uploaded to this folder for our students to review after each lesson. These remain permanently available for them long after our lessons have finished. 

February saw the launch of a webinar series which taught tips and techniques for passing the Reading section of the test and vocabulary suitable for the Speaking and Writing tests. It was very successful and we received positive feedback from many of those who attended. We will be launching a new webinar series in 2023, this time focusing on our book IELTS Writing Task 2—It’s Not Rocket Science! 

March saw us start work on new books for the Speaking test and Writing Task 1.

In April, we expanded our team and from this date you may have noticed posts by Jack Story. 

May was a very busy month for us as we taught students and continued our webinar series. But in June we were able to escape the office and attend a Digital Enterprise Top 100 award event in Leeds after being voted “…one of the most digitally transformational, resilient and innovative businesses in the Leeds City Region” for the third year in a row! 

With an Expert Voted a Top 100 Digital Enterprise 2022 by Andrew Turner @

July continued to be busy and we received applications to work with us from some of our biggest competitors—so it is not just students who are noticing us. 

In August, we had a team meating with some of our copy writers and designers in Hull, and managed to catch up with some of the marine life at the same time…

Image of shark statue

Image of jellyfish in sealife centre

In October we started on a major redesign of our site. Keep your eyes open in 2023 as we begin to roll this out! 

In November, we commissioned a paperback version of our book It’s Not Rocket Science! IELTS Writing Task 2 . This should hit the bookshelves in January 2023. 

And December is still very busy but at the same time we are trying to take stock of just how much we have achieved this year as we plan and look to the year ahead! 

Website News

Connor joined our writing team in 2022 and has been busy both rewriting some of our older pages and creating new content.

Examples of new pages he has written include The Best Books For IELTS in 2022. Go and take a look!

In addition to updating old content we have continued to publish a full range of our several series. Perhaps the most helpful of these are our model essays and speaking answers, as well as our Spotlight Vocabulary series.

Next year, there will be a complete redesign of our site and will be also expanding the section on Reading.

IELTS Newsletter: Who We've Met

Where Our Students Come From

In 2022, we met candidates from 35 countries and 7 continents… 

EUROPE: Rome, ItalyGibraltar; Sofia, Bulgaria; Budapest, Hungary; Coventry, UK

NORTH AMERICA: TorontoCanada 


THE MIDDLE EAST: Dubai; United Arab Emirates; Muscat, Oman; Doha, Qatar; Cairo, Egypt; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Amman, Jordan; Kuwait city, Kuwait

AFRICA: Johannesburg, South Africa; Abuja, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana;

AUSTRALASIA: Darwin, Australia; 

ASIA:  Karachi, Pakistan; New Taipei, Taiwan; Saigon, VietnamHong Kong; Seoul, South Korea; Shanghai, Beijing, ChinaSingapore; Istanbul, Turkey; Tokyo, JapanBombay, India; Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Manila, Philippines; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Malé, Maldives; Naypyidaw, Myanmar

IELTS Newsletter: Why We Teach

Student Spotlight

Our most prominent success story in 2022 is Mohammed Adly who won the Chancellor’s Scholarship at Warwick University, which pays £17,668 a year in living costs alone as well as all Phd Course fees. 

He did of course need his IELTS certificate first!

Would you like to achieve Adly’s level of success in 2023 or beyond.

Take a look at our coaching options and get in touch!

When Can You Book An IELTS Lesson?

Our lessons are currently taking place from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm London time.

Using our online booking system, you can choose a time for our lessons that suits your busy schedule.

Please contact us early – don’t leave it too late. It takes time to master new skills and contacting us a few days before your exam is leaving it too late!

We are also in high demand – and our schedule can sometimes be filled weeks in advance.

If you would like to meet to discuss how we can help, contact us via our contact form or through our free demo lesson page.

That’s all for 2022!

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