School’s Out: IELTS Teaching Stories From April 2019

Apr 30, 2019 | IELTS Test

It’s been a busy month at With an Expert!

Read on to find out what we have been up to and how that will add up to still greater levels of success for our students!

IELTS Newsletter: What We've Done

Out and About

This month we have been busy attending both virtual and real-world events from Cambridge to Glasgow.

We participated in a Cambridge webinar on Teaching IELTS Writing Skills to Raise Awareness of the Marking Criteria.

IELTS Training Certificate

Many of the strategies mentioned in the webinar are techniques we already use – but not many schools do!

Our method of teaching IELTS Writing adds an extra step between brainstorming your essay and actually writing. It’s a critical step that helps to explain why so many of our students succeed when others fail.

If you want to find out what that extra step is – book a demo lesson or buy one of our IELTS Writing Video courses.

We have also spent some time in Scotland and the Scottish borders.

Early in April, we visited Glasgow where we spent some time sharpening our understanding of the IELTS marking criteria at a special event. The marking criteria do change over time, and you should always make sure that your current teacher is aware of what those changes are!

We ended the month holidaying in the border town of Berwick-upon-tweed. Less commercial than many seaside towns – and highly recommended!

berwick upon tweed

Social Media

Our Twitter account continues to link you to articles worthy of your attention. This month we have even linked to some interesting grammar articles.

Next month we will be launching our LinkedIn account!

Website News

This month continued our focus on vocabulary for the IELTS test.

Many students struggle to get a good score for their IELTS vocabulary in the Speaking and Writing components. The problem for many is that they know how to learn, but not own new words…

IELTS Vocabulary: Learn and Own New Words

Knowing how vocabulary is assessed in the IELTS test is almost as important as knowing it. This page reveals all…

How Vocabulary for IELTS is Assessed

Next month we will turn our attention to IELTS Writing.

New Australia Series

We will also be launching the first of a 3-part series on Australia.

Many of our students are either in Australia or planning to move there soon. This series will throw a spotlight on some of the companies and organisations that past students have found invaluable in their move.

Let me know if there is anyone you would like me to recommend!

IELTS Newsletter: Who We've Met

Where Our Students Come From

This month we have taught students from Germany, Berlin; Egypt, Cairo; Saudi Arabia, Riyadh; Qatar, Doha; Turkey, Ankara; Belarus, Minsk; Russia; Japan, Tokyo; and Taiwan, New Taipei.

Wherever you live – we can teach you. You just need a computer, an internet connection, and our contact form.

Student Spotlight

This month our student spotlight is focused on the success of Frédérique from Canada…


Band score 8.0
Hi Andy,

I wanted to thank you for the lessons, I got 7.5 in writing with an overall score of 8. Now, I can finally apply for registration as a dentist in Australia.  I am very excited!!! The way you teach helped me improve my writing skills quickly and I really recommend your service. Thank you again!

Frédérique, Canada

The majority of our students are medical professionals or engineers from a variety of countries. Some are native speakers.

Whoever you are, we can help!

IELTS Newsletter: Why We Teach

Why Learn With Us?

Our teachers have decades of experience and as you have seen above keep abreast of the latest changes and developments to the IELTS test.

See some of our most recent IELTS success stories here.

If you need help, book a free demo lesson!

IELTS Newsletter: When We Teach

When Can You Book An IELTS Lesson?

Contact us via email or our free demo lesson form, and we will send you a link to our schedule.

Our students live as far apart as the UK and Australia, so you should have no problems finding a suitable time.

Make sure you have plenty of time before your test, you might have to wait a few weeks before our lessons can begin.

Click here to book a free demo lesson.

That’s all for April!

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