Spotlight IELTS Vocabulary March 2019

Mar 20, 2019 | IELTS Speaking, IELTS Test, IELTS Vocabulary, IELTS Writing

Welcome to the first edition of Spotlight IELTS Vocabulary.

In this series, we will shine a light on articles containing useful ideas and vocabulary for the IELTS test.

This first issue is taken from tweets we made in February 2019. We have added topic titles to help you scan for articles in an area where you want to improve your vocabulary.

How To Use These Articles

We recommend that you read through each article and underline words that you think would be useful.

Try to learn each word in context – so don’t just copy the word, copy the whole sentence!

Don’t translate the word into your own language. Doing this means that you will probably think in your own language, and translate into English before speaking. Instead, write an English definition for each word – this will help you to both think and speak in English.

Try to find as many opportunities as you can to use the vocabulary. If you don’t use the words you learn, they will not be a part of your active vocabulary. One way to use the vocabulary is to keep a daily diary in which you deliberately use words you have recently learnt.

Music and International Injustice

Not the most common topics – which makes it all the more important to pick up some vocabulary, since it is an area you are likely to be less familiar with.

Health and Obesity

These topics are becoming increasingly common in the IELTS test, but are more likely to be used in the General version of the test.

Climate Change and Pollution

These are two of the most common topics in the IELTS test – both Speaking and Writing. The following articles contain vocabulary you are very likely to be able to use.



This is another topic that often appears in all parts of the test.


Again a common topic – especially for the General test.


That’s all for this edition. Keep your eyes on our blog for the next issue!

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