Spotlight IELTS Vocabulary May 2019

May 27, 2019 | IELTS Speaking, IELTS Test, IELTS Vocabulary, IELTS Writing

Welcome to the third edition of Spotlight IELTS Vocabulary.

This series points you in the direction of articles which contains high-level vocabulary. They also include ideas that you could use in IELTS essays – especially Task 2.

All the articles first appeared on our Twitter account. We tweet about a lot more and encourage you to follow us so that you don’t miss out on something important.

How To Use These Articles

Choose a topic where your vocabulary is weak and read through the related articles.

When you find a new word – capture it on paper or in an app. Try to learn each word in context – don’t just copy the word, copy the whole sentence!
If you translate the new vocabulary into your own language – this will only slow you down. Write an English definition for each new word. That way, you will learn to think as well as speak in English.

You should find as many opportunities as possible to use the vocabulary you learn. This will help to make the new words a part of your active vocabulary.

You can do this by using the words in a diary or speaking English with a friend. You could even book a lesson with a qualified native speaker.


Health-related topics are common in the IELTS test. These articles provide not only with a wealth of vocabulary, but also ideas that you could incorporate into your essay.

This article discusses one of the only cities in the world that has managed to lower childhood obesity rates.

It also contains vocabulary that could help you in a Task 1 essay.

Some fantastic collocation in the next article, and some useful advice too!

Mental health is just as important as physical health. How satisfied are you with life?


This article about colonising Mars contains vocabulary you might employ usefully in the test. If not, it will give you a heads-up on the next great frontier!

Do we use technology too much?


Nature is an important Task 2 topic and comes up in the Speaking test too!


You probably haven’t seen too many articles on parenting – and yet this is an important topic that repeats in the IELTS test.

Reality TV

Another current topic. Is reality TV healthy?