Terms and Conditions

Trial Lesson

The trial lesson is free and lasts 20 minutes. Booking a trial lesson does not commit you to taking any further lessons. English-with-an.expert may not be able to grant all requests for a trial lesson since we can only accept a limited number of students.

Payment and Cancellations

Your class will only be scheduled once full payment has been made. Classes are scheduled on a first to pay basis. If you agree a time with the tutor, and another student pays first, that student will be awarded the time slot. Refunds can only be given when more than 6 hours notice of cancellation is given.

Payment should not be made until the schedule has been agreed. A refund will be given for lessons that cannot be rescheduled providing at least 6 hours notice has been given.

Time Changes

If a lesson is cancelled or rescheduled within 6 hours of the scheduled time, no refund will be given. No refunds will be issued after a lesson has been given, even if you do not attend.

Late Policy

You may reschedule your lesson providing you give at least 6 hours notice. In most cases, you will be able to reschedule this lesson yourself using our online booking system.

If you have not arrived by the scheduled start time of the lesson, the teacher will wait for 10-minutes. After this time, your lesson will be cancelled and you will be deemed to have been a no-show. No refund will be available.

Internet Problems

If you experience internet problems during the lesson a maximum of 5 minutes will be added to the lesson time – providing there is no lesson immediately following yours. If the teacher experiences internet problems, all the time lost will be added to the end of your lesson, or in some cases a future lesson.

Blocks of Lessons

If a block of 4-9 lessons is booked, these lessons must be taken within an 8-week period. If a block of more than 10 lessons is booked, they must be taken within a 12-week period (plus any holidays that the teacher takes). No refunds will be given once this time has expired.

Holidays and Sick Days – Teacher

If for whatever reason the teacher is unable to attend a lesson, you may choose to either reschedule the lesson, or receive a refund.


The recording of the lesson is recorded for your own convenience; you may play it back after class for extra revision.

With an Expert Ltd. reserves the right to use sections of these recordings for commercial and promotional purposes. We will never share anything where you speak about your personal details and will not use your image.

With an Expert Ltd. may also use your IELTS Writing practice in lessons and writing corrections for commercial and/or promotional purposes. Again, all identifying features and personal details will removed prior to publication.

If you would prefer not to have your speaking and/or writing used in this way, please let us know by email.

Exam Results

Many of our students have achieved the band score they desired, sometimes after having failed to achieve this score many times with other teachers. However, when you commit to lessons with With an Expert Ltd., you accept that we do not take any responsibility for a disappointing score, and that there can be no refunds.