Get the IELTS Score You Need

  • Are you struggling with raising your IELTS score?
  • Do you feel frustrated by a lack of progress?

get the IELTS score you need

Get the IELTS Score You Need

Are you currently studying in a classroom setting? Or are you using the Internet to prepare for your test? Either way, I can help.

Allow me to tell you just a bit about my teaching experience:

Four years ago I designed an IELTS programme that was so successful, hundreds of students achieved the score they needed to fulfil their dreams.

Since 2014 I have worked for an online company, which has been recognised by CNN and the New York Times (amongst others) for its innovative approach to teaching. I have brought the best of that company’s state-of-the-science pedagogical principles to the way I teach online.

As well as creating a hugely successful language programme, I’ve written practice IELTS tests for several organisations. So whether you need help with Listening, Reading, Speaking or Writing – I can help you increase your score!

What You’ll Get in a Lesson With Me

  • Customised lessons
  • Real-world content
  • My personal email address, where you can ask for help at anytime
  • A Hit-List of your most common mistakes
  • Engaging and fun lessons
  • Extensive experience

During each lesson I’ll provide you instant feedback. I’ll give you specific written feedback after your lesson. This allows you to focus only on areas you need to improve in.

A Hit List of your most common Speaking/Writing mistakes

I’ll give you what I call a Hit List of your top 3 to 5 mistakes. If you focus on these specific mistakes it will help you improve your speech and writing to the point where you have more error free sentences.

This directly impacts your score. Remember that the less errors you make means all the difference between achieving a 6.0 score or a 9.0.

Vital Reading & Listening Tips

I find that students often don’t think about seeking help for the Reading and Listening sections.

However, I recommend that you do since I can teach you tips and techniques, which in many cases, will lift your score by a band or so. Since your overall score is a division of the four scores (and rounded up), this can make all the difference in getting the score you need.

Keep this in mind as well: Whilst you may need an overall band 7.0, your university may specify a minimum band for your Reading and Listening.

Many teachers ignore this part of the test simply because in many cases they don’t have experience with these sections. When you work with me, you’re working with a teacher with full working knowledge about these important areas.

Let’s Work Together

You’re looking to increase your score. I have the experience and expertise to help you accomplish your goal.

Let’s work together to help you improve your score so you can work or study abroad.

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I also host regular webinars and occasionally post replays of those here