IELTS & OET News Tracker: April 2023

Apr 12, 2023 | IELTS Test

We’re already four months into 2023, and IELTS and migration news is coming in thick and fast. 

Below we update you on some of the most important developments. 

The Latest IETS News

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Important Announcement – We’re The #1 New Release An Amazon 

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We’ve got some good news to share. Our new IELTS book, IELTS Writing Task 2: It’s Not Rocket Science, has reached number 1 in Amazon’s new releases for books in the English as a Foreign Language category.

Here are just some comments from 5-star reviews of the book:

“Such a Helpful Tool and Resource! ….. It’s well-organized, easy to navigate, and offers clear instructions on how to approach each type of essay question… includes valuable tips and techniques that help improve grammar, vocabulary, and overall writing skills.

“Master IELTS with this ingenious book! ….. an excellent resource for anyone preparing for the IELTS Writing Task 2 exam. It provides practical advice and practice questions that can help readers improve their writing skills and feel confident on test day.

“Helpful… I’m always looking for new ways to improve on writing no matter the field and found this surprisingly helpful in a general sense but perfect for any academic writing. Sometimes we assume that if we’ve attended school, we know everything that matters about writing correctly and intelligently, but this book showed me I didn’t know as much as I thought I did… Super helpful and easy to read.”

If you’d like to get a copy of this in-depth Task 2 resource, simply follow this link to Amazon.   

263 IELTS Centres in India Have Licences Cancelled by Government

The Deputy Commissioner of Jalandhar, India, Jaspreet Singh has announced the cancellation of licences for 263 IELTS Centres. According to reports from Tribune India, the cancellations come as a result of centres failing to comply with the framework laid out in the Punjab Travel Professionals Regulation Act 2014.

The report states that the licences were cancelled for violating norms laid down under the Act. This suggests that the regulatory framework provided by the Act was used as a basis for enforcing compliance and taking action against those who failed to meet the requirements outlined in the Act.

In a statement from the Deputy Commissioner’s office, it was alleged that 495 immigration consultants, ticketing agents and IELTS centres were served with show-cause notices asking them to demonstrate their compliance to the framework. However, of the 495, only 232 submitted written responses and a the remaining 263 have had their licences revoked.

With less support available from these local centres for IELTS candidates in India, now is the perfect time for test-takers to look at online coaching and support from tutors like ourselves based overseas. We can help advise you on IELTS tests that you can take online – as well as prepare you for test day.

For more information on how you can access support from the tutors at English With An Expert, visit this page

International Migration News

International Migration News by Andrew Turner

Whether applying to study in an English-speaking country, gaining a visa for temporary work, or aiming for permanent residency and a new life overseas – there are many considerations for IELTS candidates to take into account about their migration process.

IDP Education Form Partnerships to Boost Support for International Students in Canada

IDP Education has announced a new migration partnership with VisaPlace and WooW Canada Immigration to provide international students in Canada with access to immigration advice. 

Canada is rapidly trying to increase the amount of permanent settled status applications it processes in an attempt to combat a labour shortage in a number of key economic areas.

The new IDP service, in partnership with different immigration consultants and legal professionals, hopes to help applicants for permanent residency better understand the requirements for applications and to prepare them in a way that increases their likelihood of being accepted. 

IDP’s new service will be available at offices in 3 different Canadian cities (Toronto, Vaughan and Vancouver) and have an online platform where resources can be accessed and consultations between students and consultants can take place.

In a statement, Robert Raposo, the Area Director for IDP in Canada and Latin America, said: “International students have told us they aspire to call Canada their home but were looking for qualified people they could trust to navigate the migration process. Many students were worried about how to correctly navigate the process, which added to their anxiety as they undertook this life-changing journey. The consultants and lawyers we partnered with in this new service, VisaPlace and WooW Canada Migration, are highly trusted expert organizations. They will also present free webinars and briefings so our customers can fully understand the immigration process and take their next steps with confidence and clarity.”

For more information on the services, you can visit the IDP Canada website, as well as  VisaPlace and WooW Canada Immigration.    

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