School’s Out: IELTS Teaching Stories From May 2019

May 31, 2019 | IELTS, IELTS News

We seem to be busier than ever!

Read on to discover the latest happenings at With an Expert…

IELTS Newsletter: What We've Done

Spotlight Australia

This month we have launched the first in a 3-part series focusing on Australia.

So many of our students have succeeded in emigrating to Australia. We thought it was time to shine a spotlight on their achievements and help you do the same!

You can find the first edition here. This months issue focuses on visas and skills Assessment, jobs and employment and relocation services (something that many people forget to plan for!).

Get in touch, or use the comments box below, if there is anything you would like us to cover in our two upcoming issues.

Video Courses

We have been busy developing a new series of video courses which will help you get Band 8.0 – even if you have a full-time job and an imminent immigration deadline.

It will be a few months before our standard courses start to be released – but some mini-courses (one of them free!) will begin to appear soon.

In the meantime, keep your eye on our video course page!

Social Media

Our Twitter account has been updated with regular links to articles of interest.

Many of the tweets contain vocabulary and ideas you will find valuable in the IELTS test.

Other tweets connect with our current Australia theme and point you in the direction of useful resources.

Check them out here!

Website News

This month we turned our focus to IELTS Writing.

This is the area that test candidates struggle with the most and often seek help for.

Our first page introduces you to the three main types of question you may encounter. It also examines the descriptors and how each task is assessed.

The second page focuses on IELTS Academic Writing Task 1. This is the task most candidates neglect – and it is the one that prevents many from achieving their target score. Find out why it is the most challenging task, and the mistakes you should avoid.

IELTS Newsletter: Who We've Met

Where Our Students Come From

This month we have taught students from Belgium, Brussels; Germany, Berlin; Egypt, Cairo; Saudi Arabia, Riyadh; Qatar, Doha; United Arab Emirates, Dubai; Turkey, Ankara; Belarus, Minsk; RussiaJapan, Tokyo; and Taiwan, New Taipei.

Wherever you live – we can teach you. You just need a computer, an internet connection, and our contact form.

Student Spotlight

This month our student spotlight is focused on the success of Smriti from Nepal…

Band 7.5 for a Nurse from Nepal

Look at the scores… I was gobsmacked.
You’ve been very helpful and supportive. Thank You For All Once Again😊
I will definitely recommend you as you are the best 😊
I could not have done it without you.

The majority of our students are medical professionals or engineers from a variety of countries. Some are native speakers.

Whoever you are, we can help!

IELTS Newsletter: Why We Teach

Why Learn With Us?

We are digital education specialists and have vast experience with the IELTS test, and we just love helping people succeed.

See some of our most recent IELTS success stories here.

If you need help, book a free demo lesson!

IELTS Newsletter: When We Teach

When Can You Book An IELTS Lesson?

We can be contacted via our contact form or through our free demo lesson page.

Book early! It is essential to ensure you have given yourself plenty of time before the test. Everyone improves at different speeds, and you may have to wait a few weeks before lessons can begin.

Click here to book a free demo lesson.

That’s all for May!