Spotlight IELTS Vocabulary, Issue 39

May 29, 2022 | IELTS, IELTS Reading, IELTS Test, IELTS Vocabulary

Welcome to Issue 39 of Spotlight IELTS Vocabulary.

In this series, we curate articles that contain ideas and high-level vocabulary you can use in tests like IELTS or OET.

These are just a selection of the articles we read in April; you can find more on our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

How To Use These Articles

Just reading them can help activate vocabulary you already know but don’t use.

Recording new words and their context would be a good next step. Personally, I prefer to do this digitally these days, but good old fashioned paper and pencil can be just as good!

Finally, use the words you learn as often as you can.

For the ultimate practice, book a lesson with one of our teachers or submit a Writing Correction.

Insect Apocalypse

Have you noticed that there are considerably less insects these days? It might be nice to be bitten less but what does this mean for the environment? (Well worth a read — especially since insects have been known to come up in the Speaking test!)

Technology and the Environment

This is a very short article that could be used in a wide number of topics. You might not have bought a flying car yet, but the first vertiports are already being built! 

We are running out of rare minerals needed to make many of our portable devices. Should we be mining waste to protect more of this valuable resource? 

 Fashion and the Environment

The IELTS test is increasingly combining topics — especially in the Writing Task 2. Some candidates are finding this difficult. One way to prepare yourself is to read articles which have done the same thing. This one talks about how your fashion choices can impact the environment… 


This is another common topic in the IELTS Speaking test. What is your favourite app? Does technology waste our time or save us time?


Are you comfortable talking about pets? Would you like a pet? What kinds of animals are pets in your country? Read this article to arm yourself with ideas and vocabulary…

Money and Inflation

Is the cost of living rising where you are? It is rising around the world and increasingly being referred to in the IELTS test. Apart from learning some new vocabulary, you might pick up a few investment tips!


It’s difficult to find a more common IELTS day topic than architecture — whether it’s talking about old buildings or your home. This article is packed with vocabulary that will challenge the best of you…

And there’s more…

We have months and years worth of carefully curated article which you can find by visiting our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

See you next month!

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