Spotlight IELTS Vocabulary, Issue 40

Jun 29, 2022 | IELTS, IELTS Test, IELTS Vocabulary

Welcome to Issue 40 of Spotlight Vocabulary.

To help you prepare for exams like the IELTS or the OET, we’ve compiled a collection of articles that cover a wide range of concepts and vocabulary you could find useful on test day. 

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How To Use These Articles

A nice place to start would be to read them.

If you have time, vocabulary software like Anki is a great way to keep track of new terms you come across. 

Whenever you see a new word, make a note of the whole phrase it occurs in. When you learn new vocabulary in context, you’ll retain it and be able to use it correctly, which is particularly important when learning collocations. 

Finally, make frequent use of the new terms you’ve learned. You’ll be able to move them from your non-active memory to your active memory this way. 

To be effective in speaking and writing, passive vocabulary must be readily recalled, which is difficult to do while taking a listening or reading comprehension exam. 

For the ultimate practice, book a lesson with one of our teachers or submit a Writing Correction.For the ultimate practice, book a lesson with one of our teachers or submit a Writing Correction.


This article gives ten reasons why a 4-day work week is a good idea — you only need 2 for IELTS test day! …

The High Street

If the high street is going to survive the 21st Century, it is going to have to adapt and change. This article by one of my favourite news sources provides some high-level vocabulary as it discusses one possible model…

Health and Genetics

We’ve worked out how to make rats almost immortal. Would you like to be next?…

The Environment 

My energy bill doubled this year — how about yours? Could the price of water be next? Lots of useful vocabulary for discussing environment-related topics …


Did you know that recycling your old clothes has just become fashionable again? Maybe, like many, that is what you have always done. Some good vocabulary here that you could use in any fashion-related topic…


How does working affect your diet? There are plenty of tips in here to lead to a healthier you and one with a good range of ideas and vocabulary to discuss this topic on IELTS test day…

Urban Spaces 

This new city is not just a concept; it’s set to start accepting its first residents in a couple of years. Is this floating city a solution to global warming…

And there’s more…

We did not reveal the whole of last month’s selection. 

Visit our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to view the missing articles as well as articles from past months. 

We’ll see you next month!

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