Spotlight Vocabulary, August 2021

Aug 30, 2021 | IELTS, IELTS Test, IELTS Vocabulary

Welcome to the August 2021 edition of Spotlight Vocabulary.

Below you will find links to articles containing the kind of vocabulary and ideas you need to score IELTS band 7.0 or higher.

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How To Use These Articles

Read and record new articles in an app like Anki.

Ideally, you should write down the sentence in which the word appears. Learning new vocabulary in context helps you to recall it and to use it correctly. 

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TV and the Internet

Who’s winning in the battle between TV and the internet. This article contains ideas and vocabulary that could help make a difference on test day!


Has advertising gone too far? Is it too ubiquitous? This article will arm you with plenty of vocabulary to discuss this topic.


You might well disagree with the opinions of @hancocktom & @TomOrlik — but you might learn a word or two that can be used to discuss education topics in this article about out-or-school tutoring.


Despite global warming, the world is heading for a water shortage. This article gives tips on how to save water and plenty of vocabulary for test day. 

Rural living

In IELTS Speaking, you are often asked to talk about where you live or a place you have visited. You might also have to write about urban to rural migration. This article is filled with the kind of vocabulary you need.

Technology and the Environment

This article is about something called solarpunk — a word you might not find in the dictionary. Can the environment and technology live in harmony?

Would you be happy for your purchases to be wrapped in fungus? How about if it could save the environment?

Work-Life Balance

Are 40 hour weeks a thing of the past? Should we all work from a beech? This article gives some insights you might find useful.


Accommodation has to be one of the most common topics in IELTS — especially in the Speaking test. Sales pages can prove a useful source of vocabulary — this one certainly is! 

An Item in your Home

Talking about a possession (not a computer or phone) is a topic that crops us fairly regularly in IELTS Speaking. The description of the items below might give you some ideas! 

And there’s more…

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