Spotlight Vocabulary, February 2022

Feb 27, 2022 | IELTS Test

It’s almost March — but before we get there, check out our February edition of Spotlight Vocabulary! 

This series is where we curate and point you in the direction of articles containing high-level vocabulary and ideas you can use on test day.

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How To Use These Articles

Start by reading them. If you have more time then note the words either on paper or on an app — ideally by writing down the whole sentence so you have the context the vocabulary was used in.

Use the words you learn as often as possible so that they become a part of your active vocabulary that you can readily recall on test day.

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Plants & The Environment

If you like to quote research when writing, this article about how plants have started to flower earlier than in the past is for you…

Space Exploration 

With all the problems we have on Earth, should we explore space? This article argues we should and that we should do so by launching a golden age of space travel…

Robotics & Insects 

Lots of good vocabulary in this article about robot insects…

TV Shows

This article contains a lot of informal vocabulary ideally suited for Speaking tests, or perhaps the IELTS General Task 1 letter. 

What is your favourite TV show? …

The Environment & Horticulture 

Ancient seeds are being unpacked and making a comeback in many tribal communities. This article packs in some high-level vocabulary and explains why…

Clean Energy & Nuclear Fusion 

UK scientists have taken a big step towards producing non-polluting energy. Nuclear fusion has been the stuff of science fiction for a long time. Are we on the verge of a new era? 

Smart Phones and the Internet

Are we too obsessed with Technology? This article argues that it might be time to take a step back…

Genetics, Food & Diet 

This study examines to what extent genetics and diet interact to affect our overall health by examining the effect of an animal and non-animal diet on the health of twins…

And there’s more…

We have not shared all of last months collection.

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See you next month!

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