Spotlight Vocabulary, July 2021

Jul 28, 2021 | IELTS, IELTS Test, IELTS Vocabulary

Welcome to the July 2021 edition of Spotlight Vocabulary.

In this series, we introduce you to high-level articles. If you have trouble thinking of ideas on test day – reading these articles will help you. 

The articles also contain high-level vocabulary that will help you to score highly in any language test. 

These are just a selection of the articles we highlight each month. More can be found on our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts — as well as in our private membership group.

How To Use These Articles

Read, read, read!

The next step would be to record the vocabulary you learn in a vocabulary or flashcard app.

If you have time, record the whole sentence in which the word appears. Learning new vocabulary in context will help you to remember it and use it accurately – especially when it comes to collocation.

Finally, use the words you learn as often as you can. That way, you can transfer them from your passive to active memory.

Passive vocabulary is good for listening and reading tests, but you need ready recollection for it to be useful in speaking and writing.

For the ultimate practice, book a lesson with one of our teachers or submit a Writing Correction.

Food and Globalisation

With half of UK food imported, some Britons are asking if it’s time to switch to locally produced food. Plenty of vocabulary and ideas in this article for talking about diet, food and globalisation…

Social Media

In this interview, Carl Bergstrom argues that ‘our lack of understanding about the collective behavioural effects of new technology is a danger to democracy and scientific progress’. What do you think?


How many robots does it take to run a grocery store? Are they taking our jobs? This video discusses these questions and more whilst managing to make a supermarket sound a little bit like Star Wars…


The hard-working exam writers at Cambridge often include questions about 4-day working weeks in the IELTS test. Could they be trying to give their employers a message? This article reports on the “overwhelming success” of a four-day week in Iceland…

On the other hand, why worry about how many days you work when you could take your job on the road and live the life of a digital nomad. Plenty of ideas and vocabulary in this article to feed your imagination… 

Urban to Rural Migration

The article below is closely related to the above. Covid has turned the world of work upside down – and whilst some are working 4-day weeks, and others have taken to the road, some have decided to leave the cities where they live and buy homes in more remote locations. As always, this article has been chosen since it often crops up in tests like IELTS…

Space Travel

Are we at the beginning of an era of routine space travel? What does this mean for the world? Read this article to expand your ideas – as well as your horizons – and learn some great vocabulary along the way…



This video discussed the history of clothing and is full of good vocabulary. Even a clothing neanderthal like myself found this interesting…

If the above isn’t enough, this 30-minute podcast waxes lyrical about the wonders of a high-vis jacket. This would make an interesting answer to an IELTS speaking question about an article of clothing… 


Talking about a gadget you find useful is definitely something you should have in your repertoire if you are taking IELTS. This article talks about Henry the hoover. Maybe you have met before? … 

And there’s more…

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