Spotlight Vocabulary, June 2020

Jun 29, 2020 | IELTS, IELTS Test, IELTS Vocabulary

Welcome to the June 2020 edition of Spotlight Vocabulary.

This is a series of curated articles containing high-level vocabulary you can use in CELT tests like IELTS or OET.

These are just a selection of the articles we read in May; you can find more on our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

How To Use These Articles

The most important thing is to read them!

If you have a little more time, you can record the words you find in a vocabulary app, like Anki.

Have more time? Write down the whole sentence in which the word appears. Learning new vocabulary in context will help you remember it and use it accurately – especially when it comes to collocation.

Finally, use the words you learn as often as you can. Buy an English-speaking friend a coffee if they agree to just speak English. Have an English-speaking hour at home. By doing this, you can transfer your new words from your passive to active memory.

Passive vocabulary is good for the listening and reading tests, but you need ready recollection for it to be useful in speaking and writing.

For the ultimate practice, book a lesson with one of our teachers or submit a Writing Correction.

The Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-forwarded many initiatives in the OET and IELTS testing world. This article explains why…

Sea Creatures

You are sometimes asked to talk about animals in IELTS. This article introduces you to the exciting realm of marine life. Plenty of high-level vocabulary…

Obesity and Weight Loss

Lose a few pounds and pick up some vocabulary with this idea-packed article on how to get and stay in shape…

Psychology and the Human Condition

We are social animals and are used to surviving in social groups. Can we survive periods of extended self-isolation? This is a 43-minute podcast, but click on read more to reveal a treasure trove of vocabulary…


Would you like even more time to study IELTS? This article claims that four hours of sleep a night will soon be all we need. As always it is worth reading for the vocabulary alone…

And there’s more…

We have not shared all of last month’s collection.

To see the missing articles, and articles from previous months – visit our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

See you next month!

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