Model IELTS Academic Task 1 Essay: Map Questions 

Dec 29, 2019 | IELTS, IELTS Test, IELTS Writing

The IELTS Academic Task 1 essay is perhaps the most challenging part of the test. One reason for this is that there are many different types of data it might ask you to describe. Since you don’t know which you will receive on test day, you must master them all.

To help you, we have written a model essay based on the map style of question. This essay is likely to score from 8.5-9.0 on test day.

This task follows the following format:

Introduction: paraphrasing the description given with the task
Overview: stating the main trends [this is very important]
Body Paragraph: containing all the main data [in this essay we have divided the data between two body paragraphs]

The Question 

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Map by Andrew Turner for

The Answer

The plans show the layout of a grocery store in the present day and  2010. Overall, the shop has expanded both its size and product range.

The store has shelving units along three of its walls, and three sets of shelving units in the centre of the building. The north wall was reserved for dairy and meat products. By 2020 the space reserved for milk has expanded by two-thirds, reducing the area for ice cream and meat. The east wall held baked goods in 2010, and space for baskets to the left of the main entrance. By 2020 the baked products had been replaced with microwave meals and trolleys were also available.

Of the three central shelving units, only the central one was unchanged – containing space for sweets and snacks. The shelving units on the left held vegetables and fruits in 2010 but now host canned food also. The third shelving unit had contained tinned food but is now occupied by baked goods. Toiletries remain opposite the drinks section, which in 2010 ran along the western wall. By 2020 an extension had been built, and the western area now hosts a self-service cafe with seating for six. A new entrance has been added to the front of the shop. Finally, half of the checkouts are now self-service. 

What Next?

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