IELTS WRITING TASK 2 [Agree/Disagree]: Modern technology makes people more impatient and less able to focus on what is important.

Mar 30, 2023 | IELTS Test

The model essay below addresses the very common To what extent do you agree? task type.

As you read through, think about how it fully meets the task requirement by expressing a clear opinion with a reasonably well-balanced presentation of the argument in the two body paragraphs.

It introduces the topic without repeating terms exactly as they are in the input statement. It maintains an advanced vocabulary level with frequent higher-level, less common terms (debatable, critical, resolved, mindfulness, over-reliance, appreciation etc.).

Over-repetition of key terms is avoided, and there are a number of collocations (reduced ability, degree of convenience, social cost etc.) that an examiner would note in awarding a high score.

See how there are specific examples in the body of the essay to support the main ideas. There is also a variety of grammar forms, with frequent longer, complex sentences, but the inclusion of some shorter, simple structures too.

The essay is structured here in the common four-paragraph format as follows:

Introduction: paraphrasing the topic and giving a clear opinion

1st Body Paragraph: making a concession but then outlining the social cost of devices

2nd Body Paragraph: focusing on social media drawbacks and making a recommendation

3rd Body paragraph: outlining the author’s ‘middle’ view

Conclusion: reinforcing the author’s view from the introduction

IELTS Practice Question

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Modern technology in forms such as mobile phones and social media platforms have made people more impatient and less able to focus on what is really important. To what extent do you agree with this opinion? 

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

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Mock IELTS Task 2 Answer

There is a view that modern devices, such as cell phones and social media platforms on the internet, have given rise to increasing impatience and the reduced ability to concentrate on aspects of life that are more important. I largely agree with this opinion.

Modern technology has given us a degree of convenience that we rely on for study, work and everyday life. However, along with this has come a social cost, and it is debatable whether most of us are really markedly happier or better off than people of past generations. The very speed of smart phones and computers mean that many of us become frustrated and impatient if there is even a relatively small delay in some function or application opening. We should think about whether the perceived “loss'” of as little as 30 seconds or a minute is really so critical. It would focus our attention on whether these devices play too large a role in our lives and if they are distracting us from things that are more important.

Similarly, with social media sites, we feel we must get news and views immediately after they are posted. We often post our own instant replies but then afterwards regret what we have written, wishing we had taken more time to think it through more carefully and check before pushing Send.

It would be better to take a step back and consider what is more important to us. I have recently resolved to turn off my phone and computer for at least three hours a day. Reading a book, watching a movie, or inviting a neighbour to accompany us for a walk and a chat in the park are just a few examples of what we could do in that “downtime.”

In conclusion, more mindfulness about over-reliance on technology is recommended. This could lead to a better appreciation of how life should not revolve so much around getting the latest news instantly or seeing what some politician or celebrity has said 15 minutes ago on Twitter.

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