School’s Out: IELTS and OET Teaching Stories From April 2021

Apr 30, 2021 | IELTS, IELTS Coaching, IELTS News, IELTS Test

A third of the year has been and gone. Many of our students have succeeded in getting the score they need – we have some testimonials just waiting for us to publish.

How has your year been so far?

IELTS Newsletter: What We've Done

Where We’ve Been

Here in the UK, lockdown rules are still preventing us from attending seminars or meeting large groups. 

We have, however, attended several webinars related to IELTS and other areas of emigration.

Earlier this month, we met with Michale Hart of Halo financial, who explained a better way to move your money abroad. If you are emigrating soon – this is a must-watch!

Website News

This month we published Episode 4 or our With an Expert series. As mentioned above, this episode starred Michael Hart, an expert at helping you move your money abroad. If you are moving your life savings, he can save you a LOT of money.

We also published a model formal Task 1 letter – which highlighted one of the most common mistakes made in IELTS General Task 1.

Do you know how to talk about a memorable event in your life? Take a look at our Model IELTS Speaking answer for this popular Speaking question.

Don’t forget to check our latest list of curated articles in our Spotlight Vocabulary series. This months edition includes a particular focus on the animal kingdom. 

IELTS Newsletter: Who We've Met

Where Our Students Come From

This month we met students from…

Kolkata, India; Doha, Qatar; Cairo, Egypt; Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaHong Kong; Seoul, South Korea; New Taipei, TaiwanSingapore; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; London, UK; Bucharest, Romania; Darwin, Australia

IELTS Newsletter: Why We Teach

Student Spotlight

Here is an as-yet-unpublished testimonial from Ahmed Khalil about how we helped him move from a Band 5.0 to a Band 8.0 and emigrate to Canada!

Andy was extremely helpful and helped me tremendously during my immigration journey, actually, he was the only reason I was able to move my IELTS score from 5 to 8. his approach was very effective with me by highlighting my mistakes and keep training me to fix these mistakes was very very helpful. He also helped me learn a lot of vocabulary and idioms in a short amount of time.

Is Ahmed’s dream your dream? Would you like to achieve his level of success in 2020? We can help!

Take a look at our coaching options and get in touch!

IELTS Newsletter: When We Teach

When Can You Book An IELTS Lesson?

Our lessons are currently taking place from 8:30 am to 6.30 pm London time. 

Using our online booking system, you can choose a time for our lessons that suits your busy schedule. 

Please contact us early – don’t leave it too late. It takes time to master new skills, and contacting us a few days before your exam is leaving it too late!

We are also in high demand – and our schedule can sometimes be filled weeks in advance. 

If you would like to meet to discuss how we can help, contact us via our contact form or through our free demo lesson page.

That’s all for April!

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