Spotlight Vocabulary, March 2022

Mar 31, 2022 | IELTS Test

Welcome to the March 2022 edition of Spotlight Vocabulary.

Here you will find a number of articles specially chosen to help you learn new vocabulary and ideas for topics covered in the IELTS test.

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How To Use These Articles

 Click the links and read!

Using a notebook or app to record the app would be a good next step. Ideally, you should not just copy down the new word but also the sentence in which the word appears. This will help you to learn good collocation.

Try to use the words as often as you can so that they become a part of your active vocabulary.

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The Modern Workplace

Let’s face it — the modern workplace is a fairly bleak place for many workers. This article might help you to describe to an examiner what your place of work is like. 

The article is actually about a film and might give you some ideas and vocabulary you can use for this topic also…


If the modern workplace doesn’t scare you, maybe modern housing problems do. Talking about your hometown or home is the most common of IELTS topics — and this article is about both…

Continuing the theme, this article talks about the psychological impact cramped living spaces can have…

You could also be asked to talk about the kind of home you would like to live in. If you have the money, how about this option…

The Environment & Technology

Is it more environmentally friendly to use an e-reader or a paperback. This article crunches the maths — but do you agree?

Cryptic Animals

Being asked to talk about animals can be difficult, especially if you are not an animal lover. This article might give you some ideas…

Being asked to talk about insects is arguably even harder. This article follows on from the theme above but instead focuses on the creepy-crawly world…



Would you like to be famous? Or would you like to have famous parents? Plenty of vocabulary for describing character and fame…

And there’s more…

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See you next month!

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