School’s Out: IELTS Teaching Stories From December 2019

Dec 31, 2019 | IELTS, IELTS Coaching, IELTS Test

The end of the 2010s! We have had a busy year and in this edition review the highlights of 2019 as we prepare even more exciting projects and products for 2020!

IELTS Newsletter: What We've Done

Where We’ve Been

In January we invested in some brand new microphones to bring a whole new quality to our service. 

In February, we visited Birmingham and met with other IELTS experts. We updated our skills and learnt about some of the latest news in the IELTS world.

February was also the month that we started using our Twitter account. There are now 226 tweets, many of which point you in the direction of articles which will boost your vocabulary.

March saw us participating in a special IELTS Pronunciation event run by Cambridge University Press. 

We attended a webinar on Teaching IELTS Writing Skills to Raise Awareness of the Marking Criteria in April. We backed this up with a real-world event in Scotland, where we sharpened our understanding of the IELTS marking criteria. Finally, we finished the month by taking a break in the border town of Berwick-upon-tweed. 

In June we were voted a Top 100 Digital Enterprise and attended a special awards event in Leeds…

June was also the month our director launched a LinkedIn account to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings in the language testing world. 

August saw us move into a new larger office – with a studio. We also changed our energy supplier to one which provides energy from 100% renewable sources.

In September we gave our stamp of approval some video courses. These courses have proved to be very successful and are amongst the most comprehensive and detailed IELTS courses anywhere.

September also saw us attend a training session which updated us on the latest developments in the world of CELPIP. CELPIP stands for the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program.  

CELPIP Certificate for Andrew Turner at English With An Expert

In October we launched a new logo which we have now fully rolled out across our site. The two speaking punctuation marks sum up what we do perfectly…

English With an Expert Red Logo by Andrew Turner @ English With an Expert

In November, we were interviewed by UMI and features in their blog. Find out what we had to say here.

Website News

We added new content throughout the year, most of which you can see on our blog.

Here are a few of the new series we started in 2019…

In March, we launched our Spotlight Vocabulary series, which curates some of the best articles we find each month. The articles provide not only vocabulary but also ideas you can use on test day. See our latest edition here.

May saw the launch of a miniseries called Spotlight Australia which introduces you to companies which can help you emigrate there. 

In October we launched a new podcast series called Scholar’s Progress. In this series, we catch up on some of our former students to see if they succeeded and what effect IELTS had on their life. More on that in our Student Spotlight section below!

November saw the latest addition to our website with a new website series called With an Expert. This series introduces you to experts who can help you in your language and emigration goals. Our first episode was with Tamara Prokofyeva, a pronunciation expert based in London. Our second was with Ian Turner, who is the Chief Editor of self-publishing specialists Diadem books.  

IELTS Newsletter: Who We've Met

Where Our Students Come From

This year we had the pleasure of teaching students from all seven continents and at least 33 different countries!

EUROPE: London, England (yes, we teach native speakers too!); ScotlandRussia; Minsk, Belarus; Berlin, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Baku, Azerbaijan; Port of Spain, Trinidad; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Dublin, Ireland; Helsinki, Finland;

NORTH AMERICA: New York, USA; Edmonton, USA; Quebec, Canada

THE MIDDLE EAST: Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaKuwaitQatar; Cairo, Egypt; Jerusalem, Israel; Dubai, United Arab Emirates,

AFRICA: Port Louis, Mauritius;

SOUTH AMERICA: Sao Paulo, Brazil

AUSTRALASIA: Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia;

ASIA: Beijing, ChinaTaiwanMacau; Tokyo, Japan; Bangkok, Thailand; Ankara, Turkey; Daegu, South Korea; Kolkata, India; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Kathmandu, Nepal; Yerevan, Armenia,

Whichever continent you live on, whether you live in the middle of the Indian Ocean or a remote Australian town – you can still connect with us online.

See our coaching options here

IELTS Newsletter: Why We Teach

Student Spotlight

In July, Sebastian from Germany studied with us while eating a giant ice-cream sundae, as the picture below shows! 

Giant Ice cream by Sebastian at English With An Expert 1 2 1024x768

You might think he was not taking his studies seriously, but in only 16 lessons he raised his IELTS score by a band in almost every category, scoring an 8.5 in Speaking!

Since it is the end of the year we thought we would catch up with Sebastian to see where his superb IELTS score has taken him and if it has indeed changed his life…

Is Sebastian’s dream your dream? Would you like to achieve his level of success in 2020? We can help!

Please take a look at our coaching options and get in touch! 

IELTS Newsletter: When We Teach

When Can You Book An IELTS Lesson?

Our lessons are currently taking place from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm London time. 

Using our online booking system, you can choose a time for our lessons that suits your busy schedule. 

Please contact us early – don’t leave it too late. It takes time to master new skills and contacting us a few days before your exam is leaving it too late!

We are also in high demand – and our schedule can sometimes be filled weeks in advance. 

If you would like to meet to discuss how we can help, contact us via our contact form or through our free demo lesson page.

That’s all for 2019!

We wish you every success in 2020!

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